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Top job mop and shine
BISSELL® Glide & Shine™ Spray Mop with 2 Bottles Wood Floor Clea

4 Best Steam Mops | At Home – Yahoo! Shine – From the blog At Home: Steam mops claim to work without chemicals. But can heated water alone do the job? Of the 16 mops we tested, four were true grime-fighters.

lil Mop Top – Remember the super cute nursery that I whipped up for Thomas? Well, today I am sharing two sets of files for some DIY projects. Yay!

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Hardwood flooring care, part II

2006-10-08 08:37:29 by arizonapea2

I obviously don't want wax...the floor is finished with urathane (sp?). I washed the floor with Murphy's Oil Soap, didn't like it, went to KMART and got something called "Mop and Shine" while it does shine, it's very sticky, and not what I want. I want something that will make the floors SHINE and super slippery, like "Endust" on tables, or furniture polish. Any suggestions? I have seen some fabulous floor coatings. Point me in the right direction please.

Murphy's soap suds and a mop, or Bruce

2007-01-19 16:11:40 by wood_floor_cleaner

If he left you some paste wax and a buffer, consider yourself lucky -- you can shine those floors up to mirror finish with just a little work. Damp mop them with the cleaner, first. Let them dry. Then spread the wax with a white buffing pad, let dry for 1/2 hour, and buff to a nice shine with a clean buffing pad. For maximum brilliance, and to take out the buffing marks, fold a bath towel in half and buff the floor with that, under the buffer brush. You'll see your face in the floor when you are done.

I use water and vinegar too but I do use a mop,

2005-05-02 15:08:11 by partyho

The sponge kind, not the ropey ones, and I really scrub on the banana egg sticky areas and use A LOT of water but then I follow on hands and knees with a large bath towel and pretty much dry/buff them. That gets the shine going and it's not too bad on the back because you get one arm swishing like a windshield wiper while kind of scooting along on your knees, the drying does not take long.

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