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1994 Honda Civic Conversion to Electric: Introduction

Well I finally did it. I started my electric vehicle conversion project. It's been a long time coming. I read Mike Brown's 'Convert it' book and 'Build your own electric vehicle' by Bob Brant. Both are very good books and worth reading before starting out. I also spent way too much time reading the electric vehicle discussion list (evdl.org). So much information and so many helpful people that I'm sure I will be using their expertise very soon. Probably the thing that got me to finally pull the trigger was reading Tim Kutscha web blog of his Porche and now his Open Source Honda Civic conversion, . Thanks Tim for that extra last push to get started. I initially was open to any glider. I was kicking around using a buddies 1997 Saab convertible. He claimed one more large repair bill and he was donating it. But it's a heavy car, I could find only one other Saab on the evalbum ( ) and the convertible top makes the trunk very small. Plus it was running fine and I didn't want to wait too long. After casually mentioning it at lunch at my office, in reality I talk about it all the time, another friend said his family owns a huge salvage yard in Miami. Any car I want they could get it. Well that changes everything. Instead of looking through Craig's list or want ads I had to pick a car right away. I chose a 5th generation Honda Civic for my glider. They are plentiful, lot's of spare parts and they have been converted many times. I plan on using Tim's open source conversion project as my guide. Two weeks later I get the call and my buddy sends these pictures. Here she is at the salvage yard. Aint she a beauty.
So I pulled the trigger. Since the gas motor was useless I got $300 off the price, it was a running car. I paid $598 dollars, minus $2 in change I found under the seats. Here they bring her out. I also want to say thanks to my friend Alex and to his family who owns MOP Auto Parts in Miami. Super nice family! I can't tell you how invaluable it will be to have a salvage yard at my disposal for spare parts. There's Alex checking out the car.
Remember I had them pull the engine out for me? Here's a shot under the hood. What's missing? There's no transmission!
We found it. It was in the trunk along with the axles, two extra jacks and a bottle of orange juice.

Here's one of the MOP guys removing the steering column to remove the steering locking mechanism. The key got lost. No sense waiting around, we wanted to bring it home. I had a key made the following week. Here she is sitting in my driveway. I'm waiting for the HOA to send a letter stating no junk cars in your driveway. Little do they know...muhahahhahahaaa (insert evil laugh). Notice on the window the Spanish words 'No Tocar'. For now that is her name, means 'hands off' or 'do not take'. It will do for now.

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Bona Floor Polish

Hardwood flooring care, part II

2006-10-08 08:37:29 by arizonapea2

I obviously don't want wax...the floor is finished with urathane (sp?). I washed the floor with Murphy's Oil Soap, didn't like it, went to KMART and got something called "Mop and Shine" while it does shine, it's very sticky, and not what I want. I want something that will make the floors SHINE and super slippery, like "Endust" on tables, or furniture polish. Any suggestions? I have seen some fabulous floor coatings. Point me in the right direction please.

Murphy's soap suds and a mop, or Bruce

2007-01-19 16:11:40 by wood_floor_cleaner

If he left you some paste wax and a buffer, consider yourself lucky -- you can shine those floors up to mirror finish with just a little work. Damp mop them with the cleaner, first. Let them dry. Then spread the wax with a white buffing pad, let dry for 1/2 hour, and buff to a nice shine with a clean buffing pad. For maximum brilliance, and to take out the buffing marks, fold a bath towel in half and buff the floor with that, under the buffer brush. You'll see your face in the floor when you are done.

I use water and vinegar too but I do use a mop,

2005-05-02 15:08:11 by partyho

The sponge kind, not the ropey ones, and I really scrub on the banana egg sticky areas and use A LOT of water but then I follow on hands and knees with a large bath towel and pretty much dry/buff them. That gets the shine going and it's not too bad on the back because you get one arm swishing like a windshield wiper while kind of scooting along on your knees, the drying does not take long.

Scooter 78" Throttle Cable for 50cc 125cc 150cc Scooter Moped Gy6 Jonway Taotao @60414
Sports (Scooter)
  • It fits for most GY6 50-150cc Chinese Scooters(Mopeds), 50cc-150cc ATVs Dirt Bike
  • Cable end-to-end length 196cm (77.2")
  • Cable sleeve length 165cm (65")
  • Angled swivel mount that turns 360 degreesm

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  • Avatar Reginald How much is insurance likely to be on a 49cc scooter?
    Feb 09, 2013 by Reginald | Posted in Insurance & Registration

    I was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate fir the following.

    A cheap scooter (only need it to get to work and back around 4 miles a day)
    12 months insurance (21 years old, 3 points on driving licence for speeding)
    Would i need any other type of licence or can i use my full uk driving licence for a 49cc?


    • You wouldn't need a motorcycle license for this scooter, an in the states, it would cost about $150 a year, plus whatever they tack on for your points.

  • Avatar Tyler How can i start a 50cc scooter thats been sitting for a few months?
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    • The carberetter will almost certanly be empty and will need priming ,does the fuel tap have a prime setting,if not look at the carb and locate the fuel pipe,disconnect it,now look for the vacumm pipe,this is a second rubb …arb is now primed,dont forget to put the vacumm pipe back on,the carb wont be gummed up ,the petrol wont have gone off,we dont have sea foam in the uk,it does sound like wishing in on hand and shtinig int tuther,good look