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Moped Madness: Trade Speed for Cash

Savings or Speed? The Choice is Yours

Aaahh,cars. Promoting your independence to drive anywhere,anytime,from the Colorado mountains to the Florida beaches to the California forests. Just fill the tank. And again. And again. And again. Is there a cheaper alternative to using this car all time?

The vast majority of our time and money on transportation comes within a few miles from our home,self-evident by vehicle crashes that occur within a few miles of it[1].

Most people use cars to get from home to work,even if they don't have a long commute. And it adds up as gas prices and insurance costs continue to rise. So what are the pros and cons of purchasing a moped?

Moped Pros

Savings on Two Wheels

Vehicles are almost always a liability,not an asset - they're not going to earn you any profit. Buying a moped (scooter) won't make you money,either,but neither will it break the bank. Most cost in the range of $750 - $2, 000. Many cost above that price range,but the added expense usually goes toward:

  • More power (capable of hitting 50 - 80 miles per hour)
  • More comfort (better seat cushions,more room for passengers)
  • More style (street bike look; sleek and sexy)

Is it worth the extra money? Perhaps,but if you go too far,you're getting rid of your economical advantage: You can easily purchase a moped without applying for a loan. When in doubt,go the cheaper route and forget the bells and whistles. Car loan interest payments dry up your monthly budget.

Simple Bike,Simple Maintenance

Scooters demand little maintenance beyond the standard oil change and tire pressure checks. In comparison with cars,mopeds have just a few moving parts,battery operated accessories and a simple motor/engine. Less complex parts means a longer-lasting,quality experience for years to come.

A Gas Guzzler no More

Because the definition of mopeds has increased over the years to include scooters with step-through and step-over designs,gas mileage has also broadened,depending on the type. Many mopeds average around 80 - 100 miles to the gallon,depending on the amount of cc's of the engine[3]. Compared to cars,scooters can boast five times the gas mileage.

Many mopeds use an electric motor,so you can just recharge the battery instead of having to refuel,saving additional costs on transportation. Keep in mind that electric mopeds are much more limited in speed,so don't try hitting the highway with your cycle.

License Lacked: No Problem

A motorcycle,normally defined as possessing an engine of 50 cc or above,requires passing a driving test and buying a separate motorcycle license. Mopeds typically contain an engine under 50cc; therefore,you can kiss that separate license goodbye. Only a few exceptions to this licensing rule currently exist,so it's good to check with your state DMV.

As always,though,keep your regular driver's license on your person while driving a moped - it's legally required.

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Single-speed 50 cc moped w/o battery

2005-06-14 11:22:57 by menefreghista

Top speed was almost 25 mph when going downhill with a passenger
cheap as hell - i think it ran close to 100 miles on just 1 gallon of gas
since it had no battery, the lights worked off a dynamo
i remember pushing or pedalling hard to get it started
but y'know what ? i don't miss it coz i had friends on bicycles who could overtake me if necessary

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  • Avatar Reginald How much is insurance likely to be on a 49cc scooter?
    Feb 09, 2013 by Reginald | Posted in Insurance & Registration

    I was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate fir the following.

    A cheap scooter (only need it to get to work and back around 4 miles a day)
    12 months insurance (21 years old, 3 points on driving licence for speeding)
    Would i need any other type of licence or can i use my full uk driving licence for a 49cc?


    • You wouldn't need a motorcycle license for this scooter, an in the states, it would cost about $150 a year, plus whatever they tack on for your points.

  • Avatar Tyler How can i start a 50cc scooter thats been sitting for a few months?
    Mar 04, 2013 by Tyler | Posted in Motorcycles

    I just bought a 2011 kymco super 8 49cc. Problem is, it wont start. Im guessing its been sitting a few months but its pretty new and only has 2700 miles on it. I put two ounces of seafoam in the gas tank and tried the electric start and the kick start but its still not running. Im guessing the carbs a little gummed up but i dont have any tools and my new place yet and need to find a way to get it running without taking it apart and cleaning it

    • The carberetter will almost certanly be empty and will need priming ,does the fuel tap have a prime setting,if not look at the carb and locate the fuel pipe,disconnect it,now look for the vacumm pipe,this is a second rubb …arb is now primed,dont forget to put the vacumm pipe back on,the carb wont be gummed up ,the petrol wont have gone off,we dont have sea foam in the uk,it does sound like wishing in on hand and shtinig int tuther,good look