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Scooter Grace 150

State of Grace | Red Bean Dreams

GraceJones10rt She emerged over Adam Ant’s shoulder with a British accent,convincing him that he needed a Honda scooter. In the fair-skinned obsessed 80s which had little to no mainstream interest in expressions of black sexuality,this woman captivated me. She was so discernibly black; so discernibly sensual and sleek.*

I had never seen anyone like her anywhere. Perfect white teeth,splitting obsidian skin. Lips that were equally compelling,whether they formed a smile or a snarl.64 Year old Grace at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June...with a hula hoop. And her body? Just…look at the picture. The entire room sat in stunned silence,absorbing what was taking place on the commercial in front of us. My father broke the silence by saying,“That Grace Jones is definitely interesting.” I just remember thinking that she reminded me of a panther. It was 1984. I was eight when the world introduced me to Grace Jones.

In 1984,you could watch television for hours without seeing a solitary black person,much less a black woman,who was prominently featured. When you did see a black woman,she was a maid,a whore,or an over-done Barbie doll who faded into the background. And then there was Grace. Grace commanded and possessed. There was no waiting for permission. She granted it. She didn’t blaze a trail. Every trailed hoped to lead to the mountain that was Grace.

As a little black girl,I can’t explain what seeing a figure like Grace Jones did to and for me. She didn’t have to look like everyone else to be strong or confident. No,I didn’t have a Grace Jones strut at 8…or even 18. But she showed me that being who you were,in all of its insanity,was perfectly okay. People would slap the label of “crazy” or “scary” on her,but she was truly just brave. Shedding every pretense and indulging your theatrical nature takes a huge amount of bravery.

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2007-10-12 12:47:00 by that_girl

How about buying a used scooter? San Diego has wonderful weather for scooter riding. So it rains once in a while, big deal. You probably won't need to ride the scooter every day.
The twist-n-go scooters don't usually need a lot of maintenance, and I think you could get a used Honda or Yamaha fairly cheap. Or buy a new Buddy scooter, which is 125cc, but actually have quite a bit of power. They have a 10 year warranty, or something crazy like that, and the price is right. If you buy a scooter, used or new, try to get one that is at least 125cc. 150cc and up can go on the freeway in CA, if you are brave

California law

2010-10-05 11:10:24 by -

1.) Do you need a motorcycle license to drive one? 49cc and less no special license required (CDL is adequate). 50cc and above M1 or M2 license required.
2.) Can you take them on the highway(the ones that can go up to 80?) It depends on the scooter but some over 150cc are freeway/highway legal. The 200cc and greater are all freeway/highway legal in CA.

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