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Student Guide to Boston's Cheap Eats: Formosa Scooter Saddlebags

Recently,a scooter shop in Avon,MA had a clearance sale because it was about to close down. I took the opportunity to take a ride there to see what I could get for my scooter. In their sale announcement,they said that they had Formosa saddlebags for only $29. Online,they're currently $55 (as of Dec. 29,2011) but sell for up to $99. In the picture,they don't look durable but they are actually made of very good and sturdy material.The seat cover part is neoprene and the bags are made of a strong synthetic material. The velcro strip is quite wide and more than enough to keep the bags rolled up when they're not in use. I sewed a long strip of reflective tape on each bag for safety because they covered up the reflective tape that I had put on the scooter before I bought the bags.
Video review of Formosa Saddlebags - May 11,2012

There seems to be only one in-depth review of these saddlebags on Modern Buddy and I wanted to add to that review by showing you how much these bags can hold so that you can see how useful they can be when you want to buy a lot of groceries at one time. With these saddlebags,I have an extra two spaces to put my fruits and vegetables. If I carry my backpack,I have a total of 6 places to carry stuff - the hook in front,the helmet hook under the seat,the under-seat storage (aka "pet carrier"),the backpack,and two saddlebags. However,keep in mind that heat-sensitive things should not be transported in the pet carrier because it gets very warm as the scooter is running.It's perfect for transporting take-out food because it will keep your food warm as you're riding home but very bad for things like raw meat or delicate fruits.

Rather than repeating what has already been said on Modern Buddy,I took some pictures and made a video to quickly review the bags and then show you what you can carry in them.

In the smaller bag (over the exhaust)
I wanted to fill up the two bags but really didn't need any more food for the week. In just the larger bag,I managed to fit a large package of goat chunks,2 lb bag of onions,bag of shredded collard greens,5 plantains,a bunch of bananas,2 packages of bacon,bunch of cilantro,and 6 bagels. The smaller bag had a 10 lb bag of potatoes and 2 mangos but could have fit more.
In the larger bag

These saddlebags are made especially for scooters and the seat part stretches to fit most popular models. The most I've carried in these bags is 3 full (and heavy) bags of groceries. I could have put even more stuff in my backpack,put a bag on the hook in front,a bag on the helmet hook,and another one under the seat! Basically,these saddlebags can almost double the amount of stuff you can carry on your scooter. And,as an added plus,they don't look expensive so the chances of theft are lower than if I had fancy leather saddlebags.

(May 13,2012): I went to buy groceries and managed to carry all of this in the saddlebags:

Approximately 3 full grocery bags of stuff can fit in the saddlebags

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Although crappy as it is....

2009-02-12 15:47:55 by Lone_Wolf79

Sadly, a Rebel is not a moped or a scooter, it's a full-fledged crappy 250cc Cruiser Motorcycle...granted, there are some scooters (like the Suzuki Burgmen that has a 650cc engine...no, sadly this is just a really fucking low-powered engine cruiser Motorcycle...:( I do want to get a Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad...I have a thing for cruisers with saddlebags, sissy bar and a windshield...but money doesn't seem to stay in my hands...ugh.

Classic Accessories Classic Accessories MotoGear 73707 Motorcycle Saddle Bags
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Classic Accessories)
  • Dual saddle bags attach quickly with adjustable rubberized grip straps and quick-release buckles
  • Heat shield panels on the bottom and sides protect against hot exhaust
  • Foam panels provide structure and protect gear
  • Big zippered cargo compartments with easy-open handles
  • Pull-out storm shield
T-REX saddle bag
bubble harley saddle bags 1950s.AVI
Yamaha V-Star 650 saddlebag instal
My buddy Side Saddle Riding a CBR
Motorcycle custom paint by True Kustom

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  • Avatar Reginald How much is insurance likely to be on a 49cc scooter?
    Feb 09, 2013 by Reginald | Posted in Insurance & Registration

    I was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate fir the following.

    A cheap scooter (only need it to get to work and back around 4 miles a day)
    12 months insurance (21 years old, 3 points on driving licence for speeding)
    Would i need any other type of licence or can i use my full uk driving licence for a 49cc?


    • You wouldn't need a motorcycle license for this scooter, an in the states, it would cost about $150 a year, plus whatever they tack on for your points.

  • Avatar Tyler How can i start a 50cc scooter thats been sitting for a few months?
    Mar 04, 2013 by Tyler | Posted in Motorcycles

    I just bought a 2011 kymco super 8 49cc. Problem is, it wont start. Im guessing its been sitting a few months but its pretty new and only has 2700 miles on it. I put two ounces of seafoam in the gas tank and tried the electric start and the kick start but its still not running. Im guessing the carbs a little gummed up but i dont have any tools and my new place yet and need to find a way to get it running without taking it apart and cleaning it

    • The carberetter will almost certanly be empty and will need priming ,does the fuel tap have a prime setting,if not look at the carb and locate the fuel pipe,disconnect it,now look for the vacumm pipe,this is a second rubb …arb is now primed,dont forget to put the vacumm pipe back on,the carb wont be gummed up ,the petrol wont have gone off,we dont have sea foam in the uk,it does sound like wishing in on hand and shtinig int tuther,good look