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2011 50cc Moped for Sale
Scooters and Mopeds Arizona Discount ATV Scooter Dealer in Phoenix AZ

by CT

The 2011 50cc Moped for Sale is NOT your average, run-of-the-mill scooter. It's black and VERY SHARP looking! It is black in color and has extremely low miles. This moped scooter is in great. used condition and ready to go!

The taotao is a GOOD looking, fuel-efficient bike that you will enjoy riding.

Serious inquiries and offers for the motor scooter only! NO BS'ers please!


If you would like to write a review or voice any opinions on the used Tao Tao moped scooter for sale, you may use the comments form below this ad to do so.

Thanks for visiting GoGoCycles Used Motorcycles for Sale and for taking a look at my 2011 50cc Moped for Sale.

My location is Waterbury CT in the Hartford CT Connecticut area and in my opinion my asking price of only $650 is cheap enough that it can't be beat on Craigslist or Ebay.

If you want to take a look or have questions, call me or text me(NO EMAILS) 203-5two5-6one53 for more details and don't forget to mention that you found this ad on Strike Lightning's Used Motorcycles and Parts for Sale

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"All new vehicles sold or leased with warranty provisions are covered under the law, except for commercial and off-road vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles and the non-chassis portion of recreational vehicles. Also included are demonstrators or lease-purchase vehicles as long as a manufacturer's warranty was issued as a condition of the sale

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  • Avatar Fillece What is the best moped website for cheap mopeds in england?
    Feb 01, 2010 by Fillece | Posted in Other - Cars & Transportation

    I do not want any second hand stuff, just want to know some cheap websites what are reliable.

    • I couldn't help but notice that you answer questions that rival mine for pure awesomeness. I've added you to my contact list. We're not quite trolls but just cool enough to tell losers to go fuck themselves.

      ….don't know.
      Buy a Lambretta and carry a weapon.

      I'm in a scooter gang with my px150 I carry a gun in the front compartment. If you're in GB than a knife, or chain, or sawed off cricket bat will do.

  • Avatar Katie M What is the best 50cc moped/scooter's around insurence wise?
    Apr 27, 2010 by Katie M | Posted in Motorcycles

    For my 16th Birthday my dad is going to buy me a second hand moped, I have a budget of £400. I have to pay for my own cbt, licence and insurance. What are the best mopeds when considering insurance? Or are they pretty much all the same? Some friends have told me to avoid the 'Chinese/Japanese' makes if I want to get a good insurance deal, is this true? Are there any other types I should avoid? Thanks so much!

    • Try getting some quotes on different scooters to see which is cheapest. I always use - it's an insurance comparison site for motorcycles and scooters so displays prices from loads of insurance companies, it's easy to go b …when I was 16 and it was great fun and gave me lots of freedom, it's also good if you are planning to do your car/motorcycle test when you are 17 (or whenever), as you will be used to the roads. Have fun and ride safe ;o)