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Stuck In The Buckosphere: GoPro Moped Video
Sports Exhaust Testing- 50cc and 70cc Sports Mopeds- PART ONE

Pipe work from Andrew Michael on Vimeo.

I mentioned yesterday that I got a GoPro camera with my tax rebate. I shot a little video in the garage on Tuesday while I was working on my powder coated moped exhaust pipes. I am on the fence, but I may end up selling my 3CCD JVC camera because the GoPro offers microphone inputs and may shoot just as good of video for a camera that costs a third of the JVC. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video:

Rain showers this morning will kick out of here by midday. The rain will be pretty light, but hopefully enough to wash away all the salt on the roads. I need to get my truck washed...the underside is caked with salt. Temps will remain in the mid 40's for the next few days. More sunshine Friday with clouds returning Saturday as a cold front swings through the area later in the day with a few flurries possible into the evening and Saturday night. Right now not looking like very much moisture, but still could be a little slick in spots Sunday morning. Sunday we will top out into the upper 30's, but 40's returning next week with any chance for rain holding off until the middle of the week. Stay dry this morning and have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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Scooters are gay! (read before you get mad) Pt 2

2008-09-22 22:02:38 by TylerDurden_PDX

What I can't give a pass to is scooters. They are slow, underpowered, handle like shit, are insanely expensive considering what you get, and just plain dorky looking. The main argument for buying a scooter is that you don't have to learn how to work a big scary clutch. Yeah, scooters are automatic, while with a few very rare exceptions, motorcycles actually require you to shift gears all by yourself. With all of the other skill required to navigate traffic on two wheels, being worried about having to work a clutch seems to me a lot like having a 3 pack a day Marlboro habit and your primary concern being the complexity of working all ashtrays

Daily beater bike, for moto-NEWB

2008-06-03 07:51:39 by beekerY2K

I know some may cringe, but I am looking at getting onto a motorcycle for the first time, because of many reasons.
1 - Gas is farking expensive
2 - I will be moving a little bit farther away from my work
3 - Parking for motorcycles near my work is free
So as you can see I have more reasons than just because of gas.
The truth is I don't even plan on riding on the freeway, I have a pretty straight shot to work from my house, on a major expressway/large high-speed limit road.
I am looking at getting a 1970's-1980's Honda CB 400 or something of that caliber

4th of July Public Safety incidents  — KAJO
Jennifer Spliethof was cited and released for having a disorderly conduct warrant.

Techno-Geschichte im Kinoformat - Filmemacher arbeiten an Distillery ..  — Leipziger Volkszeitung
Andere schickten unaufgefordert ihre alten Distillery-Flyer zu oder erzählten, wie sie aus der Provinz mit dem Moped zum Club gefahren sind. Bezeichnend ist ..

Scooter-ATVParts GY6 50cc Moped Scooter Performance Exhaust Muffler and Pipe Black
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  • Glass pack system
  • Add more performance, speed, and power
  • Please be aware that some modifications may be required for installation
  • Carb Re-jetting will help to optimize performance

Lombardi Ave - A Green Bay Packers Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.  — LomdardiAve
Even when the “real” Packers began to get more competitive, they nevertheless were the team that seemed to finish 8-8 every year; from 1981-85, they finished at exactly that .500 record during four of those five seasons. .. I moped. I seethed.

Scooter-ATVParts GY6 150cc Scooter Performance Exhaust Multi Color
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Scooter-ATVParts)
  • Glass pack system
  • Add more performance, speed, and power
  • Please be aware that some modifications may be required for installation
  • Carb Re-jetting will help to optimize performance
Automotive Parts and Accessories ()
  • Yamaha Jog / Breeze Performance Muffler
Single Detail Page Misc ()
  • Total length: 14 1/2" / 380mm
  • Outside Diameter: 4", Connector Diameter: 1 3/4"
  • All mouting accessories will be included for installation
  • This product is made of high quality stainless steel
  • Increase and add up 2-5 hp

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