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Prince Lionheart Prince Lionheart Whirl Balance Scooter, Natural/Pink
Baby Product (Prince Lionheart)
  • Teaches young children balance, steering, coordination
  • Great transition from ride on toys
  • 100% birch wood frame
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Solid rubber handgrips and 12" rubber tires

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Need to know people in wholesale and importing

2006-06-30 07:29:12 by timolee

Hello. I'm new in this forum. I just started working for an exporting company that's based in Shanghai. I wonder where I can get to know people in the wholesale and importing business in the Washington, DC area. I heard expos are good to go. Other than that... are there people in this forum or people you know who do this business?
The exporting company I work for have electronics, cookwares, apparels, stationery, bikes, scooters and various other small commodities. And welding machines (not sure yet who will need it)
Thank you very much for your advice. greenbeann5@yahoo.com

BatteryPlex Now Carrying Extensive Line of Razor Scooter Batteries  — PR Web
Whether a consumer is shopping for a replacement battery for any model of Razor electric scooter or any other type of product or vehicle, the right replacement batter for their needs can easily be located online through BatteryPlex.

UPG Razor E300 12v 7ah Scooter Battery
  • Razor e300 Scooter Battery, requires 2 and reuse of wires
Automotive Parts and Accessories (UPG)
CRA Wholesale CASE of 5 - Cramer Scooter Stools-Scooter Stool, 300 lb Cap., 15-7/16"x15-7/16"x15", Gray
Office Product (CRA)
  • Cramer
  • Cramer Scooter Stools
  • CRA50011PK82

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  • Avatar liam How does upgrading to the next cc motorbike work?
    Jun 13, 2013 by liam | Posted in Motorcycles

    I understand that at age 16, you are entitled to do a CBT course which grants you able to drive a 50cc moped/motorbike. Then at age 17 you are able to ride a 125cc motorbike, or do you have to do anything to upgrade to a 125 like another test?
    Then i do not understand how it works after that, someone help in detail? full 5 stars for best answer?

    • Digram on this Website sums it up pretty well

  • Avatar Luke What can I do to tune my 50cc moped ?
    May 19, 2013 by Luke | Posted in Motorcycles

    Basically I brought my 50cc moped, and it's restricted to 30 mph due to the UK laws for a 16 year old / provisional license holder.

    Anyway, can somebody please list the things that I can get done to it to improve it's performance.

    Thanks :)
    Some people have mentioned about getting caught, when you live in a VILLAGE there is nothing to worry about when you don't see please for months on end.

    • Nothing.
      "it's restricted to 30 mph due to the UK laws" - What bit of that don't you get? These cheapo scooters aren't limited anyway, they're cheaply built and that's as fast as they'll ever go.