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Photobucket This recently turned up in my garage,because you just can't have enough underpowered pit bikes!

It's a 1979 Tomos Bullet moped,49cc two stroke,with a two speed transmission,made in Yugoslavia.

We had a party a few weeks ago,and an old friend spotted my 71 Honda CT70 Mini Trail in the garage. He immediately stuck his wife with the two kids and spent he next hour turning hot laps around my house on it. Then last weekend,he called to tell me that his father wanted to get rid of this moped that he has had forever and asked if I might be interested. I wasn't really looking for one,but the GRM-friendly price of "free" immediately got my attention.

I picked it up yesterday. His father is a seventy-something year old engineer and has had it for about 25 years.PhotobucketHe got it from HIS father! It has 2200 miles on it. It has a couple of small scratches on it,but no dents and is in remarkably good condition. The paint and chrome are as nice as anything that came out of Eastern Europe in the 70's and it even has traces of wax on it. He told me that he hadn't ridden it in a couple of years as it seemed to be down on power. Now,I have 2009 49cc Honda Ruckus scooter that is rated at 4 horsepower. That bike is brand new and it struggles in traffic. I can't imagine what it feels like to ride a thirty year old Yugoslavian moped that's "down on power".

I removed a chrome rack from the back for cleaning and the tires held air,but that's as far as I got. It still hasold gas in it that needs to be drained out. As soon as I can find a shop manual,or at least an owner's manual,I'll try to get it cleaned up and running.

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Need to know people in wholesale and importing

2006-06-30 07:29:12 by timolee

Hello. I'm new in this forum. I just started working for an exporting company that's based in Shanghai. I wonder where I can get to know people in the wholesale and importing business in the Washington, DC area. I heard expos are good to go. Other than that... are there people in this forum or people you know who do this business?
The exporting company I work for have electronics, cookwares, apparels, stationery, bikes, scooters and various other small commodities. And welding machines (not sure yet who will need it)
Thank you very much for your advice. greenbeann5@yahoo.com

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  • Avatar Eric Are there more than one key for mopeds?
    May 06, 2011 by Eric | Posted in Motorcycles

    I have a 1993 Tomos Bullet TT Moped, and when I bought it i didn't get a key (for the gas tank and front wheel) with it. It is too far away to go back to see if they have the key for it. Are there more than one key for it? If so where can you buy them at?

    • The postal service of your country can deliver keys, so you don't have to physically return to the scene of the crime, oops, I mean the location where you purchased it, to get them.

      Else, have a locksmith come out an make you some. It will cost as much as the bike is worth, but you'll be able to use it fully.

  • Avatar Read F I have a 1991 Tomos Golden Bullet moped. How do I clean the forks out?
    Mar 05, 2008 by Read F | Posted in Motorcycles

    The forks are filled with water and I was told that there needs to be oil in there (not sure what kind) and I was hoping to clean and reseal the forks myself (I am pretty handy if I get clear instructions).

    Thanks in advance!

    • Fork oil can range from 5 to 20 wieght. I'd recomend 10 in a moped. Rinse ( fill & plunger'em)the forks with several ounces of fork oil to clean'em. To replace the seals,pull the forks outta the triple clamp. Remove the dust cover & you'll see the seal. Just rip'er out. GENTLY push the new seal in after cleaning. Add about 3 ounces of 10 weight fork oil.