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Mopeds are great for where ever you live whether it is in a large town or a small city. You can also use mopeds to go out in rural trails. They are less expensive to purchase, own, and operate than a car is. Used mopeds are a great way to save even more money. You can get brand new mopeds today for wounder pricing.

There are several things you can do to help you find used mopeds. The first is to post a classified ad either online or in the classifieds section of the newspaper. Outline the type of mopeds you would like and how much you are willing to pay.

The second way is to search online for used moped dealers. Some companies actually let you purchase mopeds online. The advantage is that you may be able to find some fabulous deals. The disadvantage is that you may need to put it together yourself. However anyone can put a moped together today. The companies walk you through the process.

Another way to find new or used mopeds is to find a dealer in your area. You can either ask other moped users where they got their mopeds, search the phone book, or look in online moped directories. Make sure you shop around for an honest moped dealer who has good prices.

Finally, you can find used mopeds by searching in the classified ads to see what’s for sale. Research the model and company of the moped advertised to see if it is worth what they are asking for. It may be the easiest to find a good deal this way because you can bargain with the former owner for a good rate.

The disadvantage to searching for a used moped is that you may not be sure of what you are getting. Make sure there isn’t anything wrong with it before you purchase it. If there is something wrong with it, determine whether the repair is worth the effort and cost. If the repair is something minor, you may still want to purchase it. Often it is better to get a great deal on a new moped, then you know what you are buying. Buying a used moped is a great way to save money. Make sure you are getting the best deals by doing your research.

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Selling price of used moped

2008-05-31 19:30:03 by patricksanford

Hi there all, i'm wanting to buy a used moped in the near future for the fuel savings, as i will be starting college soon and will be short on money for the next couple of years, and had a few questions. I live in kentucky, and was told that mopeds under 50cc dont require an operating license or insurance due to their small size, low speed, and lack of presence on highways. i was wondering if anyone knew the specific law regarding this, or if it was true or not. also, in order to save money i'll be looking for a used moped in my area. i was wondering if anyone knew the going price for a used one in good condition (ie running and save, dont care about the looks) in my area, and what dealers sell them


2008-05-31 21:32:21 by GenElec

For what it's worth, here are a few of my comments on mopeds:
Before you even start looking at mopeds and scooters, see if you can get current motorcycle/moped regulations from your state's Department of Motor Vehicles. You can probably download a PDF file from your state's website, or you could pick up a copy at a Driver's License examining station or other office. Rules vary by state, and may have changed from what somebody "remembers" so get a current copy. I can tell you that here in Minnesota, mopeds under 50cc (and with a horsepower limit) and limited to 30 mph can be driven by anyone over 18 yrs old with an ordinary drivers license

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  • Avatar Eric Are there more than one key for mopeds?
    May 06, 2011 by Eric | Posted in Motorcycles

    I have a 1993 Tomos Bullet TT Moped, and when I bought it i didn't get a key (for the gas tank and front wheel) with it. It is too far away to go back to see if they have the key for it. Are there more than one key for it? If so where can you buy them at?

    • The postal service of your country can deliver keys, so you don't have to physically return to the scene of the crime, oops, I mean the location where you purchased it, to get them.

      Else, have a locksmith come out an make you some. It will cost as much as the bike is worth, but you'll be able to use it fully.

  • Avatar Read F I have a 1991 Tomos Golden Bullet moped. How do I clean the forks out?
    Mar 05, 2008 by Read F | Posted in Motorcycles

    The forks are filled with water and I was told that there needs to be oil in there (not sure what kind) and I was hoping to clean and reseal the forks myself (I am pretty handy if I get clear instructions).

    Thanks in advance!

    • Fork oil can range from 5 to 20 wieght. I'd recomend 10 in a moped. Rinse ( fill & plunger'em)the forks with several ounces of fork oil to clean'em. To replace the seals,pull the forks outta the triple clamp. Remove the dust cover & you'll see the seal. Just rip'er out. GENTLY push the new seal in after cleaning. Add about 3 ounces of 10 weight fork oil.