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1977 Solex moped

Solepuch mega update! | Ted Sliwinski

Solepuch mega update!

SOOoooOOOOoooo,this is a long story… Since I last posted about the Solepuch it was just painted black and running great,it very quickly turned into a nightmare. Not long after porting a #4 stock cylinder,one of the rist pin clips broke and wedged its self in between the piston and one of the transfers,aka, destroying the top end. I pulled it apart and replaced all necessary parts then got it running again. Not 10 miles after,everything locked up hard too the point were I had to carry it back to the shop (not too bad when your bike weighs 90 Lds). I later found that the con-rod snapped and wedged its self into the intake port… yep,fun.SO,I said screw it and got:

  • 1977 Race crank / bearings
  • Seals
  • 70cc K-star w/ head
  • 16 x 3.5in tire?

Wile rebuilding the engine,I decided to do some more frame work,including moding the rear end to fit a 16 x 3.5in tire?! Why you ask? because its sweet…

After this,I had it running ok,but it needed a new carb to run the kit,so after a couple weeks I got a 15mm PHGB BS and made a new intake for it. I got it together right before moped monday,and spent most of the night tuning the bike. Once I was happy with the tuning I let everyones’ favorite moped dude,Ben Krenke take it for a spin around Eastern Market. This was the after math….

He was waiting at a red light,as it turned green and he started to go,a car hit him from behind and ran over the back end of the bike… sweet (he’s fine). Peg snapped,frame bent,rear wheel crushed,front wheel bent,fork destroyed,pipe bent / baffle gone and the seat (old solex seat) was destroyed. I was able to bend the frame back to its correct position so after that is was just a matter of rebuilding everything else.

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Selling price of used moped

2008-05-31 19:30:03 by patricksanford

Hi there all, i'm wanting to buy a used moped in the near future for the fuel savings, as i will be starting college soon and will be short on money for the next couple of years, and had a few questions. I live in kentucky, and was told that mopeds under 50cc dont require an operating license or insurance due to their small size, low speed, and lack of presence on highways. i was wondering if anyone knew the specific law regarding this, or if it was true or not. also, in order to save money i'll be looking for a used moped in my area. i was wondering if anyone knew the going price for a used one in good condition (ie running and save, dont care about the looks) in my area, and what dealers sell them


2008-05-31 21:32:21 by GenElec

For what it's worth, here are a few of my comments on mopeds:
Before you even start looking at mopeds and scooters, see if you can get current motorcycle/moped regulations from your state's Department of Motor Vehicles. You can probably download a PDF file from your state's website, or you could pick up a copy at a Driver's License examining station or other office. Rules vary by state, and may have changed from what somebody "remembers" so get a current copy. I can tell you that here in Minnesota, mopeds under 50cc (and with a horsepower limit) and limited to 30 mph can be driven by anyone over 18 yrs old with an ordinary drivers license

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