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Honda Express Moped Scooter NC 50 1978 - Express II, SR, Urban Express: Moped LEDs Lights | Headlight
So,I've been thinking... Could I replace my current honda express moped headlight bulb with a SUPER BRIGHT LED blub? Well,we will find out. I recently ordered a

9 LED #68-x9 with 1157 base

from SuperBrightLeds.com. The measurements of the #68-9x bulb are detailed on the the following scooter LED specification image from the SuperBrightLeds.com website:

But that's a 12 volt LED bulb? Yes,that's right. Recently I "kitted" (ie. I replaced the cylinder and piston head in the motor) my NC50 moped and have been blowing out my honda 6v bulbs. My moped performance tuning caused me to go from a 49cc engine to a 70cc with no carburetor change.You can only use one of these LED headlight bulbs if you have purchased a converted Honda express headlight.

Several forum posts from other moped owners have suggested converting entirely to a 12 volt electrical system,or... just swap the bulbs out with 12 volt ones.Personally,I have experienced problems starting my moped after having blown out the headlight. It will start,but not without LOTS of trying (and feeling like an idiot in the process).

So,all-in-all I am going to try replacing the standard honda express moped 6V 18/18W (fyi... 18/18W notation is for LOW/HIGH beam values of wattage). I'm going to try the "Cool White" led bulb with the following values:

Universal Power Group UPG UB645 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
CE (Universal Power Group)
  • Used In Ups Backup Systems, Spotlights, Flashlights, Exit Lighting & Other Equipment
  • 6V, UB645, 4.5 AH
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

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Utah: special DL req'd for scooter or moped?

2005-09-07 17:06:58 by digdug

Anyone know if a motorcycle license is required to operate a scooter or moped in Utah? (SLC, specifically.) I've been all through the infuriating UT DMV website, and can't find any clear answer.
Specifically, I'm thinking of a gasoline, 49cc/50cc moped or scooter. Do I need a motorcycle endorsement, or is a standard driver license acceptable?
Thanks for any help!

Mopeds or Scooters? Whats the difference?

2008-08-22 18:20:07 by STEALTH10

This may be the wrong forum but any help is appreciated. I'm to old for a motorcycle, but the money savings of a moped appeal to me. I would like to make an informed decision regarding what to include in a purchase that offers a safe & comfortable ride. I have looked at 49cc up to 150cc.They all want me to buy that day. I have never even ridden one & am considering going to a SCOOTER SCHOOL to appease. Thanking you for any help you may provide. The to old for a motorcycle applies only to me. No offense intended.

Requirements to operate a Moped / Scooter?

2010-06-03 17:58:46 by izchief360

I am 16 years old, and am planning or purchasing a scooter for operation on public roads. Before I do, however, I need a few questions answered.
Would I need to have a license in order to operate a 50cc scooter? What about a 49cc scooter? If so, what type of license would I need? What is the maximum cc vehicle I can operate at my current age? Is insurance necessary for operating a scooter? What about a title?
Please provide any other information you think is necessary to know. I live in Texas.
Thank You.

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