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Indian Moped seat

Ciao Welding and INDIAN MOPED!

Building a Chicago based Ciao loaner for my gang members to use at near by rallies or around town. Its a slow build because its a some what free build. The frame was given to me from Sam Mckay and has been in Blk Blk for some time. Willie used to own it and ran a reed kit on it, you can see the subframe section cut out for the intake. Have a Pinasco 75cc kit and a few other goodies lined up for this thing. It already has the Malossi 8.8 to 1 gears in the rear transmission wooo! Look at those horrible welds!!! The coolest part of being in Blk Blk is spraying black over all the fuck ups in a build.

Used this haggard maxi seat to soften the blows.

So YEA!!! Finally got this sweet Indian moped off of HNRZ Elyse for free! She needed room in her garage and I feel like I'm the only person in Chicago that wants one. It came with no wheels but I had these Indian mags set away in my pile. Of course they were missing the brake hubs and axles but i found 1 compatible set, just gotta find another. I'm super stoked on this thing for real!!!! Picture me rollin!! Who wants an Indian loaner!!???????


Paint job is so WHET.

Guys you know what this means right?! It goes atleast 24mph!

Chief Keef

Got my fork lock functioning so I can park right out front of the Smash Mouth concert with confidence.


Not original.

Rack for Big K's

Came with a couple extra gears for trail riding.


I am absolutely addicted to mineral water....more specifically, TOPO CHICO.

Is that not the most insane emblem for a drink youve ever seen? AN INDIAN DRINKING LIKE ENCINO MAN OUT OF A RIVER. hahahha!

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I need help w/ a moterized cycle mopeds count

2008-05-01 12:58:32 by abnormalw

Since there isnt a forum for scooters and I need assistance this is the only place I could find. I havent been able to find a schwinn web site that trouble shoots. The only ones I have found (online or anywhere) only want to sell not service.Also I am an avid MC driver, for over 25 yrs. I am down on my luck right now and cant afford a motercycle at this time. It is my hope to use this scooter till I can find a job. I cant ride the bus as I live 25 miles outside of any bus route. Now I am trying the best I can and dont need trouble makers making fun of me. Please dont waste my time. If you have any usefull knowlege I will listen

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  • Avatar Sanil Is it easy to balance a Honda Aviator motor scooter/moped for a complete n00b?
    Dec 26, 2011 by Sanil | Posted in Motorcycles

    I'm gonna get a Honda Aviator next month. It's a 110cc scooter with a seat height of 790mm. I'm about 5'6'' with zero riding experience of motor vehicles (except maybe bicycles), so will it be easy for me to learn to ride a scooter and will I be able to support the bike with both the legs?

    • If you can ride a bicycle, you can ride a scooter. If you have no bicycle experience, then perhaps that's where you should start.

  • Avatar priya Which is the best two wheeler for a middle class working girl?
    Jun 30, 2010 by priya | Posted in Other - Society & Culture

    Please suggest me some names of good two wheeler that gives you both mileage & convinient to drive in a city. ---- from Assam, India

    • U can take streak , scooty pep+,activa or deo!!!!! the rest choice is yours