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The A35 (sometimes referred to as the A5) is an engine which came on Tomos mopeds made from 1991 - 2006. It is the improved version of the earlier A3 engine. This engine has a reed valve inducted cylinder with a two pedal flat reed valve. The A35 engine is available in a pedal start or kick start version.

"By the way, the A5's the same machine. They just changed the plating, hoped no one noticed." —Kaylee Frye

Technical Specifications

Maintenance Information

  • Gearbox oil: Type A or Type F Automatic transmission fluid.
  • Spark plug: NGK BR6HS (CDI) B6HS (points)
  • Spark plug gap: 0.8mm
  • Ignition advance: 1, 5 + 0, 2 mm BTDC.
  • Points gap: 0.35-0.45mm (Non CDI models -- 1991 to 1994)

Differences between Kick start and Pedal start Versions

Pedal Shaft

  • The pedal shaft on the pedal start version of the A35 engine is longer than that of the kick start. It accommodates both pedals and the right spring assembly. The kick start pedal shaft mounts only the kick start lever, and it ends inside the right transmission cover.

Claw Collar

  • The claw collar on the kick start version has claws on only one side, the side that mates with the sprocket inside the transmission. The claw collar on the pedal start version has claws on both sides.

Final Drive Gear

  • This is the large gear between the case halves that's directly attached to the large outer left sprocket by way of the hollow drive shaft. This gear, in the pedal start version, has claws for mating with the claw collar. In the kick start version these claws aren't present.

Left Side Transmission Cover

  • The kick start version has a riveted in mount for the kick start lever return spring.

Right Side Transmission Cover

  • On the Pedal version, the right side transmission cover has a hole though which the pedal shaft rotates. The kick start version is sealed, and the end of the pedal shaft sits in a bearing pressed into the transmission cover.

Return Spring

  • The kick start version has a spring on the left side to the retract the kick lever. This spring is not present on the pedal start version.

Other Instructions

  • How to start engine:
  • On the right handle bar (throttle) a red switch, Push it to the right and you are in the “run” position (must be in this position for the moped to run)
  • Push it to the left and it kills the engine hence why it is called the “kill switch”.(moped will not run if it’s in this position)
  • On the left handle bar the blue button is your horn

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With gas prices being as they are...

2008-06-06 10:09:00 by bonniethecollie

I wonder if I could convince my dogs to ride on a moped?
I've actually looked at the things on Ebay, and prices aren't too bad. The main places I drive are 7 miles to work or 13 miles to school - kind of iffy for biking (Pittsburgh has some steep hills and mean traffic), but one of those little critters might be worthwhile. 60-80mpg.
Or a sidecar - that would be sweet! : )

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  • Avatar Turquoise R What's up with the kill switch on my moped?
    Jun 24, 2007 by Turquoise R | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    I know it shuts down the power on the bike. Do I have to put it in the off position everytime I turn my bike off? I have a 2002 Maliguti Ciak 40 with a key ignition to start, turn off the engine, and lock the steering column. I'm guessing I don't need to use the kill switch after I'm done with it everyday. I read somewhere that can even damage the bike :-<

    • No need to use the kill switch at all unless in an emergency you need to shut the engine off in a hurry. Thats all its for. Most motorcycles have kill switches on the handle grip for this purpose. Always leave the kill switch closed or the mopid won't start.