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Indiana moped law. help!

Iowa - submitted by Ace

"Mopeds" are any single-passenger two-wheeled vehicle with a displacement of 50cc or less. In fact, you almost never see actual pedal mopeds here, it's all scooters and bikes like my '79 QT50. You can drive one at 14 (if you take a moped safety course) or with a normal drivers' license.

Mopeds must display a dippy neon flag. As far as I know, no helmet is required. Enforcement is pretty lax -- I ride without a flag, with a passenger, no helmet, etc. quite often and I have never had police trouble yet.

Oh yes -- top speed 25, but I've never seen it enforced as long as posted speed limits are obeyed.


Titling a scooter or moped with the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Licensing (MVL) Bureau is optional, but you must register for a tag (license plate) if you plan to drive such a vehicle on the roadways. Most people go ahead and title the scooter or moped at the same time; you'll need a title to sell the vehicle. The process is much the same as registering a motorcycle. You have seven days from purchase to register your bike with your local tax collector's office. You'll need to provide the manufacturer's certificate of origin if the vehicle is new or the original title signed over to you if you bought a used vehicle.

You'll also need to provide a bill of sale and a current odometer reading.

The first-time registration fee is $10, and the state also collects ad valorem, privilege, and sales tax based on the value and type of vehicle.

Any vehicle under 50cc and going Moped is permitted on all roads, except interstate highways. It is ok to ride on shoulder, but not on the sidewalk.

Helmet is recommended but not required. Special license, plates, insurance are not required.

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Yes, but you'll want to keep your speed

2008-07-13 18:47:15 by blagh

Around 60 mph. The government is about to impose 55 MPH national speed limit again so a 250cc will be fine as a starter motorcycle. Until then just ride in the right lane where you need too be anyway. The new Q-link Splendor 400cc will easily cruse 100+ mph but you need lots of motorcycling experience before you climb aboard something like that. I would highly recommend you take a motorcycle safety course. Some provide motorcycles for the training course and I would suggest doing that before you get a motorcycle. I started out riding a Sears Allstate moped at the age of 14 and never stopped riding them

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  • Avatar Turquoise R What's up with the kill switch on my moped?
    Jun 24, 2007 by Turquoise R | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    I know it shuts down the power on the bike. Do I have to put it in the off position everytime I turn my bike off? I have a 2002 Maliguti Ciak 40 with a key ignition to start, turn off the engine, and lock the steering column. I'm guessing I don't need to use the kill switch after I'm done with it everyday. I read somewhere that can even damage the bike :-<

    • No need to use the kill switch at all unless in an emergency you need to shut the engine off in a hurry. Thats all its for. Most motorcycles have kill switches on the handle grip for this purpose. Always leave the kill switch closed or the mopid won't start.

  • Avatar Andy What are the three wires on my Bianchimatic Moped?
    May 24, 2010 by Andy | Posted in Motorcycles

    I have a Bianchimatic moped, and there are three wires running out of where the electricity is.... I am pretty sure one is for the spark plug, ( the actual ignition coil is up under the gas tank with wires coming and going from it) one is for kill switch, and i am not sure about the third one.... if you know anything about Bianchimatic's, or wires like this, let me know... but coming out of the "coil" there are red, green, and black wires...

    • Red is battery power through the ignition switch green is the coil negative which goes to ground through the ignition module and the black is the spark plug HT lead