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Robert asks…

Is this a good scooter for a 16 year old girl?

I’m a 16 year old girl and I want to ride a scooter to and from college.
This would be the scooter:
I would love to know if: 1) You think this is a good scooter or not – bearing in mind my age and gender
2) How noisy do you think this bike in the Retro model with a 50cc engine will be? (could you maybe put the noise level in perspective with something else? eg. a lawn mower?)
3)If answered very noisy to the question above – Then are all 50cc engines noisy or does it change between each company/ engine size/type/cost of the scooter?
2) If you have any useful tips or any advice (Preferably from those with experience in this field)
3) Lastly if there actually are any 16 year old girls that ride scooters out there!
I feel like the only one other than the boys!!
Thank you!

pomlik answers:

Urghh… It’s the satanic Direct Bikes again.

A word to the wise: You can NOT buy a scooter brand new for just £700. A good quality scooter, brand new costs somewhere around £2000 – £2500. Incidentally, a 50cc costs about the same price as a 125cc – good reason to wait until you are 17.

The reason those scooters are so cheap is that are cheaply made.. VERY cheaply made. You are taking a 50/50 gamble that you will even get what you paid for and there is NO customer support if your scooter is faulty. If there is a fault, only the PART is covered, the seller will not cover the cost of finding out what is wrong with the scooter or fitting the replacement part.

You are going to need about £1000 to buy a secondhand scooter; you won’t get the kind of beautiful retro style scooter you want, but you will get a REAL scooter that will last many years. It might need one or two small repairs but a couple of years later when you come to sell it, you’ll get perhaps £800 back on it.

The cheapo £700 Chinese scooters on that website at best will last for 2 years (many literally fall apart in less than 6 months) and a 2 year old Chinese scooter is worth nothing – £0.00

50cc scooters are all fairly quiet, about the same kind of noise as a ride-on lawnmower but quieter – lawnmowers have noisy spinning blades. Just listen to one the next time you see one pass by on the street.

Useful tips:

Always wear gloves no matter the weather.
Look waaaaay ahead down the road.
Keep the throttle on to go round corners!

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Question about scooter battery charging/chargers

2008-12-28 06:51:30 by tenderloin

Looking at my owners manual for a 50cc Honda Scooter, it looks like I need a trickle charging charger for a 12V 3AH capacity battery. (plugs into a wall outlet)
My scooter's battery charging current is listed as:
0.4A max of 4.0A
and the normal battery voltage should be:
fully charged 13.0-13.2V at 68 degrees F
So I went on Ebay and found some additional details for chargers.. It's all Greek to me, so I was wondering if someone could help me understand what this charger's specs mean:

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