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U.S. Scooter Sales Thriving With Gas Prices High (washingtonpost.com)

U.S. Scooter Sales Thriving With Gas Prices High By Warren Brown
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, June 20, 2004; Page G02

High gasoline prices are a good thing. Just ask the people of Pontedera, Italy, a tiny industrial town near Pisa.

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Theirs is the home of Piaggio SpA, maker of Vespa motor scooters, the high-mileage, relatively low-speed motorized bikes seen all over Italy and other European countries.

Now, with U.S. prices for regular unleaded gasoline cresting at $2 a gallon, Piaggio has launched a major assault on the American automotive market, heavily targeting cities on the East and West coasts where commuters are seeking less costly modes of personal transportation.

Other scooter manufacturers, such as Honda Motor Co. and Yamaha Motor Co., are pursuing the same market. They are betting that thousands of Americans, at least for daily runs between home and office or quick trips to the supermarket, are willing to abandon their more fuel-thirsty cars and trucks for scooters -- also known as mopeds and motorbikes -- that can get from 60 to 90 miles per gallon of gasoline.

So far, according to figures published by the Motorcycle Industry Council in Irvine, Calif., that bet is paying off in terms of rapidly rising U.S. scooter sales.

MIC analysts say U.S. scooter sales rose to 84, 000 last year, up from 12, 000 in 1997. They are projecting a 20 percent increase in scooter sales for 2004, up to 100, 800.

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Getting a moped - opinions?

2008-05-09 20:05:30 by kuso

Like everyone else (at least most), I feel the 3.60 per gallon particularly hard in the wallet area. So I've decided to buy a moped.
I have about 700 dollars I can put towards one, but I'm a little stuck. It seems for 500-700 I can get a decent shape used one with relatively few miles on it from someone on CL. These ones are usually the older style that more resemble a motorcycle than a scooter. 50cc and under is what I'm going for, by the way. Can't afford to have to insure something else ontop of a car!
On the other end, I've found a few websites that sell mopeds/scooters brand new

I would love to buy a $1000 car right now

2013-02-06 14:36:58 by -

My car was totalled by an unlicensed, at-fault driver. His ins is not negotiating in good faith. I am desperate for something reliable to get me to and from work. I'm willing to give up appearance. I want a 4-door sedan, but will settle for 2-door, hatchback, etc. Heck, I'm even looking at mopeds.
Around here, seems everyone thinks they should get $1,000 to $2,000 more than kbb of excellent at dealer. And their cars are lousy condition.
Then, the sellers won't answer emails or their phones. How do they expect to sell? Seems most must be scams.
Suggestions anyone?

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Tanks, wheels, seats, engine parts, fairings and accessories can all be found at the swap meet, including motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and minibikes. Books, manuals, helmets, leathers and memorabilia are also staples of the event.

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