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Poolsville: Letters to Ramon: Week 12
1978 Moped Sparta - Ajilbab.Com Portal

"You just summed up the problem with the Pac 10. They actually worry about their bands and what they do." -- BR"I can't see Les Miles loosing to Nut (again). Tigers please, please play well !!!!! Michigan State pushes JoPah toward retirement. Go Spartans. Stanford wins the battle of the brainiacks." -- Steve N.

"BC over UNC... UNC basketball has started. Even the football players moved on to watch how the team performs after losing 3 first round draft picks." -- Lee D.

"The Seminole Prognosticator is slowly by surely moving up in the rankings. Golly, another 27 weeks and by gosh the top spot would most certainly be within reach!" -- Seminole Prognosticator

"Unsure of the LSU – Ole Miss but thought I would give Houston some respect if he wins." -- Wes W.

"How many times did we pile into our stadium in record numbers for a big game like this just to suck eggs... Your turn now, Col. Reb!!" -- Dr. Alejandro

"This has been my worse showing ever, but unlike the few people in the ranks below me... I'm still putting picks in. I would appeal to the judges that anyone who discontinues putting picks in, should be ineligible for the last place free entry position. It takes real bad luck to actually put picks in week after week and still do so poorly vs. just quitting the pool and coasting into last place. That said, Here are my picks. 1) North Carolina or Boston College - whoever wins (but if I have to pick one I'll go w/ BC but only because they have equal opprtunity cheerleaders. I knew two girls that were previous cheerleaders there and they were both UGLY as sin - I know that sounds mean - but it's the truth). 2) LSU or Ole Miss - whoever score more (fine.. LSU, , , decision based on cooler helmet)." -- The Biz

"This is the point in the season when it becomes interesting. Two Pac-10 games? I’d rather try my luck with the ACC. I could go 0-5 as easily as 5-0. Spurrier says he’s staying at SC. If they get whipped in Columbia by Clemson again (I hear from a Clemson grad, but cannot confirm, that USC has beaten Clemson in Columbia a grand total of once since 1978), the decision might be slipping out of his hands." -- Jeff G.

"Unfortunately, Hooten Dale can pull these off. Spartans won't even need Spartacus to win this one. The Cardinal will roll like they did when Tiger Woods was there. The Quack Attack will dodge the Wildcats on opening day of Quack Killing Day." -- Robert N.

"BC - Because one Catholic college needs to field a decent football team in this country." -- Hog Tattoo

"In the Battle For The Pimp Cup game, I will be rooting for Ole Miss to hand LSU a loss as we all know what that would mean for our Arkansas Razorbacks a week from now. All signs point to another big day for DMacII which is the reason for me knowing Hootie will screw this up and lay an egg. LSU wins by 4." -- Moped Boy

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Here is a website...

2007-09-29 16:50:02 by midknight_rndzvs

With a full tutorial and pictures
I know these Tank scooters a little, there were a number of them that went through the auction not too many months ago.
A friend of mine bought one, and i remeber he had some trouble selling it through a dealership because they (At that time) didn't have a kill switch on the handlebars. so MSF failed them.
They must have found a way around this since the site I checked said they are now legal in CA.
I rode his, it was much faster than i expected for a 150cc scooter

Gear Oil Weight?

2007-11-04 04:25:20 by my_evil_twin

I have a TANK 50cc Scooter. I found a website that recommends 90 weight synthetic gear oil but that is for his 150cc TANK. I bought 85W-140 Castrol Hypoy C Gear Oil only because I've been to 3 auto parts stores and can't find 90 weight synthetic. Will it make a big difference? Should I just go ahead and use this one or return it and find the 90 weight? Should I be using a different weight for a 50cc scooter anyway?
thank you!

It's tough to say

2009-10-08 11:08:28 by Jburdie

I used to have a 150cc scooter, Sun-L brand. It was one of the cheapest ones you could find. I got it shipped to my house in iowa from texas for under $950 including shipping. But I wouldn't necessarily have called it reliable or low maintenance. My brother had a tank brand 150cc scooter, and once again, he has had some major problems with it. I doubt consumer reports have covered these because these brands are made in China. Of course, if you wanted to you could pay four times as much for a Honda scooter, it would definitely be reliable. I know of a website that is super helpful for learning pretty much anything you would want to know about scooters

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