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1978 Sears moped

1978 Mean Spirit Custom Moped

1978-mean-spirit-moped_1977-mopeds_1Don’t you dare call this one a scooter– the 1978 Mean Spirit moped doesn’t scoot,it screams. It’s custom built from the ground up by the San Francisco moped mavericks at 1977mopeds.com,a boosted beast capable of 55mph on the open road. For those new to the moped renaissance,the 1978 Mean Spirit is the perfect introduction.1978-mean-spirit-moped_1977-mopeds_2

In the late 1978,Sears Roebuck began importing and re-branding a popular moped produced by the Austrian motorcylce manufacturer Puch. This “Free Spirit” moped was a 2-stroke,49cc moped with a rounded frame that was an offshoot of the Puch Maxi moped of the same year. 1977mopeds built the Mean Spirit moped from the ground up,using top-of-the-line aftermarket parts designed for the re-branded Puch and its E50 engine.1978-mean-spirit-moped_1977-mopeds_4

The Mean Spirit features a raised suspension,low handlebars,powder-coated mag rims and a black-and-silver motif with the rest of its parts. The boosted power of the Mean Spirit comes from a larger,custom racing carburetor,a wider engine chamber,a heavy-breathing air filter and a racer exhaust. For the layman,these upgrades push the Mean Spirit to 55mph,more than double the top speed of the original 1978 Sears Free Spirit.

We here at TheCoolist bought ourselves a vintage 1978 Free Spirit back in June,having taken it from a junker that didn’t run to an instant-start street screamer. We’re working on upgrading ours in the direction that 1977mopeds took with their Mean Spirit,and are amazed at their craftsmanship. While vintage mopeds have reached a cult status in cities throughout the U.S. and the world,there are few who have produced custom bikes as bad ass as this Mean Spirit right here… [$2200 at 1977mopeds]

1978 Mean Spirit Custom Moped Gallery

(Sears Free Spirit pics courtesy of the wonderful,fantastic community at mopedarmy.com)

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Here is a website...

2007-09-29 16:50:02 by midknight_rndzvs

With a full tutorial and pictures
I know these Tank scooters a little, there were a number of them that went through the auction not too many months ago.
A friend of mine bought one, and i remeber he had some trouble selling it through a dealership because they (At that time) didn't have a kill switch on the handlebars. so MSF failed them.
They must have found a way around this since the site I checked said they are now legal in CA.
I rode his, it was much faster than i expected for a 150cc scooter

Gear Oil Weight?

2007-11-04 04:25:20 by my_evil_twin

I have a TANK 50cc Scooter. I found a website that recommends 90 weight synthetic gear oil but that is for his 150cc TANK. I bought 85W-140 Castrol Hypoy C Gear Oil only because I've been to 3 auto parts stores and can't find 90 weight synthetic. Will it make a big difference? Should I just go ahead and use this one or return it and find the 90 weight? Should I be using a different weight for a 50cc scooter anyway?
thank you!

It's tough to say

2009-10-08 11:08:28 by Jburdie

I used to have a 150cc scooter, Sun-L brand. It was one of the cheapest ones you could find. I got it shipped to my house in iowa from texas for under $950 including shipping. But I wouldn't necessarily have called it reliable or low maintenance. My brother had a tank brand 150cc scooter, and once again, he has had some major problems with it. I doubt consumer reports have covered these because these brands are made in China. Of course, if you wanted to you could pay four times as much for a Honda scooter, it would definitely be reliable. I know of a website that is super helpful for learning pretty much anything you would want to know about scooters

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