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The GTS 250 is the biggest, fastest, best-specified Vespa yet. Kevin Ash can hardly bear to get off

The unique strength of Vespa as a brand is underlined by the engine capacity of the latest model, the GTS 250ie. As a class, 250cc scooters are almost non-existent in the UK, barely worth the importers' trouble in bringing them in. Indeed, many don't bother. Riders need a full motorcycle licence to use one, but with that achieved they'll either stick with a 125 anyway for around town or go for something - motorcycle or scooter - with a bigger engine and enough performance for fast A-road or motorway use.

Vespas, however, confound the rules because their buyers don't simply want a scooter, they want a Vespa, and as the GTS 250 is the biggest, fastest, best-specified Vespa yet, you'll be seeing plenty of these around.

The 250 is a development of the GT125 and 200 models introduced two years ago, physically larger and heavier machines than the LX 50/125 series that made its debut earlier this year. We liked the GT a lot, and the GTS is better still. Aside from the extra engine capacity, it features a fold-down rear rack as standard, a different rear light, the seat is new, there's an assortment of chrome detailing including a front mudguard crest and a running light in the front panel.

The traditional Vespa cues are all in place, such as the flat running board with its rubber strips, the bar-mounted headlight assembly and the rounded side panels, and all of the bodywork and monocoque chassis are made of steel rather than plastic.

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2009-04-07 09:37:42 by Candidus

General Motors is teaming with Segway, the scooter company, to develop a battery-powered vehicle to cut urban congestion and pollution.

The companies plan to announce the partnership Tuesday in New York, where they are testing a prototype of the partially enclosed, two-seat, two-wheel scooter. The venture is called Project PUMA, for Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility.

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