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Laurens to London - Boots for Travel: Less than a week to go!

First, a question... Is it strange to start off a blog post by saying hello? I was looking at my other posts, and I did this in at least one of them. I don't know if it is awkward or not, but who cares? I'll probably keep doing it anyway. Yes, there is a baby giraffe picture to the right, but let's ignore that for now. So! Hello again blog readers. This is a HUGE update as I now have my valid UK VISA, my loans, my meal plan, and even my flight! (of course, if I didn't have even one of those at this time, it would be something to worry about). I will be leaving from the Omaha airport this coming Monday, September 10th at 2:25p.m. Can you believe it?! In just 124 hours OR 7, 440 minutes OR 446, 400 seconds, I will be boarding the airplane for my trip across the pond. I just have a few more things to do to prepare myself (and my parents) for the huge change. These preparations include packing, collecting the necessary paperwork, making this blog available to all of you great people (note: I can't be 100% sure that ALL of my readers are "great people", but i'll go ahead and assume since I know that most people that I will advertise this blog to ARE "great people". Is there a checklist out there that would fully include all characteristics of a "great person"? Either way, i'm off topic) and finally, teaching my parents how to use skype and facebook properly. To have a final send-off event with my college friends, I will be heading to Sioux City either tomorrow or Friday. I'll get back on Saturday night most likely and have Sunday to finish up packing. Sunday, i'll spend quite a long time just walking/riding my dad's red moped around Laurens to soak up as much as I can before I leave my hometown. I am certainly going to miss it and the people who live here while I am away, but the exciting educational adventure that lays ahead of me is tempting enough to keep me going. I hope I can make Laurens proud with what I accomplish in the coming years. That's it for now, but you can expect to see this blog become a lot more interesting soon. Thank you to anyone and everyone who have knuckled down and suffered through what I am afraid might be considered four very dry and boring blog posts. To make up for this blogging sin of possibly not being entertaining enough, there is a picture of a baby giraffe above. Coolio? Perfect! Sorted. Have a good day everyone!

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Car joke

2012-03-12 14:37:06 by The_Rifleman

A hip young man goes out and buys a 2012 Ferrari GTO. It is the best and most expensive car available in the world, costing about $500,000.00. He takes it out for a spin, and while stopping for a red light, an old man on a moped (both looking about 90 years old) pulls up next to him.
The old man looks over the sleek, shiny surface of the car and asks, "What kind of car ya' got there, sonny?"
The young man replies, "A 2012 Ferrari GTO. They cost about a half a million dollars!"
"That's a lot of money," says the old man, shocked. "Why does it cost so much?"

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  • Avatar michael Mopeds electric start wont work?
    May 29, 2012 by michael | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    My mopeds electric start does not work unless it is hooked up to a starter. The battery has been charging for over a day and is not charged, however the moped will start with the kickstart. any answers.

    • I recommend getting a new battery that is strong enough to last without having to charge it all the time. I put a VMAX tank battery on my moped and now my battery charger is sitting in my garage getting dusty. It was worth every penny, but if that doesn't work out for you try buying a new battery charger goodluck

  • Avatar Meg I need to learn everything about mopeds?
    Aug 17, 2010 by Meg | Posted in Motorcycles

    I live quite away from my friends so i was wanting to get a moped, but i dont know anything about them, like how old to ride one, whats a 50cc, whats electric and kickstart, and loads more questions. i have a friend whos 14 and he rides one with L plates on, is this legal? Im quite dumb so could you tell me a very basic website that would tell me everything, or could you tell me everything?

    • Mopedarmy.com for sure, but for your specific states rules, read your DMV website. EVERY state is different, and they even define "moped" differently. i.e. engine size, external shifting, top speed, etc