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Vespa LX50 4-takt 4-valve, engine won't rev
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Hello all! First post here.I have a Vespa LX50 4-takt 4-valve scooter. Last weekend we drove for 40km, mostly all on 45km/h full throttle. We had to stop for a traffic light for a minute and when I pulled full throttle again the engine did not want to rev up, the speed didn't go over 10km/h.
After closing and opening the throttle several times, it went up again and we could continue.
From that moment on it kept on giving problems. On the way back, no problem at all. The next day problem came back.
So the problems just shows up, can't really find a reason why.

I tried to find the problem, contacted a Vespa dealer and he pointed me towards the solenoid. I think it's where the problems comes from but can't solve it. The solenoid valve connected to the carburettor.

Some things I noticed:
When I disconnect the hose from the solenoid to the carburettor. It won't rev up at all, so I have the problem all the time.

When I disconnecto the cable from the main wire harness to the solenoid, the problem doesn't show up at all. But then I'm not using a part that should be there.

Does anybody know where I should look? Thanks!

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Moped gang?

2005-12-31 13:04:05 by missmoneypenny

rival moped and scooter gangs! I love it.
mopeds are wacky, though. Have you ever had one? I had a piaggio and, maybe it was just me, but you had to be facing downhill in order to pedal enough for it to start. it was cute, though. It looked like a small motorcycle.
oh my god, how beautiful is this vespa I just accidentally googled?

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