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If you like to talk scooters, check out our motor scooter forums! by Martin M
(Kitchener, Ontario)

The Tomos Nitro 50cc Scooter

Here is my review for the 2009 Tomos Nitro 50cc 4 stroke scooter I just bought. This scooter has great features... like both side stand and center stand. It offers smooth impressive acceleration for a 49cc.

Another great feature is that it has both electric and back-up kick starting.The Tomos Nitro 50cc Scooter Under seat storage has enough space for my helmet. The Tomos Nitro scooter is super on gas and is also a great scooter, for the less than $2000 I spent with my tax refund!


by Ron Goldwyn
(Milford, CT, USA)

Tomos Nitro 50cc Scooter

I'm now over 70 and have had this scooter for almost a year, during which time I've gone 1300 miles and had two oil changes. Being in CT I've been in rain, cold weather but not in snow or on icy streets. I learned that grass is hard on my first trip when I forgot to use the brakes on a turn.Battery Tender Junior in package Both survived.

I've added a heavy duty wind screen, and two saddle boxes (water-proof) in the rear for tools, poncho, food bags and tie-downs. Have ordered a small Clock/AM-FM radio/MP3 system that will be installed as soon as it arrives.

The only problem I have is using the main stand as the scooter is heavy. I plan to add an extension to the stand to increase my leverage when using it.

I rarely use the lock position as it doesn't easily engage or disengage. I also built out of aluminum bar stock extensions (up & out) for the rear view mirrors so that I can now see all traffic behind me.

I recommend this machine as it is well built and does its job.Tomos Nitro 50cc Scooter Maximum speed is 33MPH. To use on streets of CT I must have a Drivers License.

by Ron Goldwyn
(Milford, CT, USA)

This is a scooter made by a top manufacturer in China for a European firm who makes mopeds in Europe. Being made in China does not equal being cheap, as this one sells for over $1300.

In my State of CT, any scooter over 49cc is classified as a motorcycle and it matters not how you sit aboard it. One must register them as motorcycles, carry insurance as a motorcycle and they must wear motorcycle license plates.

So let's not mix apples and oranges. My statement is about scooters as defined by the State of Connecticut.

Cheap scooters are not limited to one country and please don't assume that because a scooter is inexpensive that it is cheap. Is a Chevy a cheap car? The most popular car in China is a Buick made by GM but do you call them cheap because they are made in that country? Of cause not. Quality and price are like apples and oranges, but both are fruits.

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Scooter vs. Motorcycle law

2006-10-20 12:11:00 by scooterindenver

I live in Denver, work downtown, and ride a 49cc scooter. I was pulled over this morning by a DPD motorcycle officer and issued a $54 citation for violation of section 54-630 "eye protection required."
Here's my question. My scooter, at 49cc, is technically a "motorized bicycle." It is not legally a motorcycle, and as such, I am not required to have a motorcycle endorsement on my license, nor does the scooter have to have a license plate, etc. It just has a little "motorized bicycle" sticker. Article IX of the Denver municiple code ("Bicycles") states that "The provisions of this article applicable to motorized bicycles shall apply whenever a motorized bicycle is operated upon any street, roadway or highway, subject to those exceptions stated herein

Scooter vs. Motorcycle

2004-12-17 13:19:33 by Gon4Mars

I heard that you only need a driver's license to ride a scooter, but there's a certain type of scooter that can be ridden.
After researching the DMV website, I'm still couldn't find out what classification of scooter this is. Can anyone tell me if there's a website or more information on this?
Motorcycle registration and insurance is a bit too high, and I heard that a scooter's a better alternative. Any help would be great!

Age required to drive "motorscooter"

2006-03-10 19:05:51 by smwm

My 11 year old daughter wants a "motorscooter". After perusing DMV and related websites, I still can't figure out the laws arond this. I know they are only allowed on surface streets, thank god. Does anyone know info. on things like licensing requirments, age minimums, legal definitions of what constitutes a motor scooter vs. something like a Vespa or small motorcycle, driving at night, minimum age of driver and so forth. This is supposed to be an objective way to determine wheter she should drive a motorscooter-nudge, nudge; wink, wink; say no more

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