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Man and Dog on Scooter Ejected Off 40ft Highway Road onto Car Roof - Consumers' Law Group

Man and Dog on Scooter Ejected Off 40ft Highway Road onto Car Roof

Aug 30, 2012

An unnamed man and his dog were traveling on Vespa northbound on an elevated Highway 101 road before their vehicle crashed and ejected the driver 40 feet below onto the roof of a car near central San Rafael. An ambulance transported the man who suffered critical injuries to the hospital and the dog died at the scene.

English: Vespa scooter English: Vespa scooter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A rough description of the man was made available through a Mercury News story and witnesses at the scene. He was in his forties and had been wearing what is called a three-quarter type helmet. His dog was riding in a pouch on the moped. They were traveling at highway speeds of 60 miles per hour.

Upon attempting to negotiate a sweeping curve, the moped went out of control and headed towards the median. Unable to regain control of the moped, it slammed against the median ejecting both passengers into an abyss. The driver fell through a freeway gap between the north- and southbound lanes at about 3:20 p.m. and onto the traffic below. He landed on top of a stopped Volkswagen Jetta on Second Street. The dog and green scooter remained on the road forty feet above.

An ambulance rushed to the scene. Paramedics lifted the man with severe injuries into the ambulance and took him to Marin General Hospital. Any news of his injuries was not released Wednesday night.

Authorities disallowed traffic into a portion of downtown Second Street after the accident.

A fall from that height onto a car can lead into a serious injury either to the person falling or the people in the vehicle. California Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Barclay said that neither of teenagers was injured. Have you been injured while you were on the inside of a car? Contact us.

Carl Erickson of Novato witnessed the beginning and the end of the accident. He was commuting on a motorcycle from Sausalito and noticed that the green Vespa scooter was beginning to drift from the slow to the fast lane indicating that it would end in an absolute crash, “you could tell it was going down, ” he said.

When Erickson arrived to the scene, he only saw the scooter and the dog, he did not see the impact.

The dog was breathing slowly. Erickson then moved it to the side of the road to keep a car from hitting it. He also moved the Vespa off to the side.

Authorities are still investigating the crash.

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