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Puch Moped Tune up

*Used* 1978 Puch Newport Modified (Sold)

1978 Puch Newport

*Used* 1978 Puch Newport Modified (Sold)

Posted: 02/09/2013 in Search Our Archive (no longer available),Used
Tags: 2hp,E50,Maxi,Maxi-Luxe,modified,Newport,Puch

This moped is listed as *Used* but it did go through a complete reconditioning 9 months ago. It’s a wonderful running and very reliable modified black 1978 Puch Newport. This moped was custom-built for a customer’s son who needed transportation to and from school everyday last summer.9539517cThe moped was built for reliability but it also needed to be able to merge and keep up to traffic on a very busy city street where the family lived. The son is now off to college and no longer has a need for the moped since receiving a new motorcycle recently so it’s back in our inventory again.9539517dHe said it never gave him any problems and he will definitely miss it!

The engine is a Maxi-Luxe high torque E50 single speed with less than 300 miles on a full rebuild. The ports have been modified on the top end for increased hp,simple and modest exhaust upgrade,heavy-duty after-market forks, heavy-duty shocks,15mm carb,almost new tires,extra wide seat,and more. If you are looking for stock reliability and just enough performance modifications to make going to get a loaf of bread a lot of fun,we have your Puch! Clean title and 2013 tabs!

This moped has just had a fresh servicing and tune-up.

Buy this before the snow melts and we will even deliver it within a 100 miles for free!

This moped is available to be shipped to most cities and states.


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Yamahas and stress

2008-07-12 07:19:39 by 00FLSTS

I feel LESS stress with the Harley. It has always been dependable [I had to use a trailer twice to get back home with the Yamaha's]. If these Yamaha's are that great they would have sold by now. I was only asking $2000 for the pair of them. Last year they where both on the road, I replaced batteries, tires have less than 5000 miles on them, and they come with extras like a clymers manual, one windshield and one trunk. It would make a pair of good bikes for someone ELSE. I enjoy my Harleys, riding them can always put a smile on my face. If your bike does the same for you, then I am happy for you

Mopeds, it is said are like fat chicks...

2009-05-19 19:22:14 by luntcfring

They're fun to rind until your friends see you!
The old Honda MB5 was a faster moped, but I wouldn't recommend one.
Go to an old XL 125 Honda or a Honda Rebel 250 or Kawasaki Mini Ninja, if you insist on slow.
I don't like to see people start off on really slow bikes. It makes you less able to get out of the way.
You would do well with an RZ 350 Yamaha)or VF 500 (Honda). They have some power, but won't startle you.

Hey, mopeds are cool

2009-02-27 18:19:54 by ZweiBeemers

When I was in 8th grade my mom bought me a brand new Puch moped. CandyApple Red, oil injector. What a beaut she was! i tinkered with her until she would run almost 40mph. I rode that thing everywhere and anywhere. A couple friends got them too. We would ride from Toledo to Port Clinton, along Route 2, on those things. I rode it thru high school. It had around 40,000 miles on it when I switched to my Yamaha 650 Special. What awesome memories I have of that little scooter.

Swap meet a featured event at Mid-Ohio's Vintage Motorcycle Days  — Mansfield News Journal
Tanks, wheels, seats, engine parts, fairings and accessories can all be found at the swap meet, including motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and minibikes. Books, manuals, helmets, leathers and memorabilia are also staples of the event.

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