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How do I repair a Starter for a 2004 Yamaha Zuma Scooter 50cc?
2009 Yamaha YW125 (Zuma 125) Scooter Recall

Posted on 14 February 2013. Tags: batteries., Battery, check, chosen, First, helpful, information, jleblanc, june, Motorcycle, repair, replace, Scooter, simplest, starter, starting, thing, work, yamaha, years, zuma

My starter will not work it is not starting the scooter. Any information would be helpful.

Chosen Answer:

Try the simplest thing first- check and/or replace the battery. Most motorcycle batteries are only good for 2-3 years.
by: jleblanc42
on: 25th June 08

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I mean Yamaha Zuma kind of scooters.

2006-04-26 12:44:55 by manchild

What I meant was something like the Yamaha Zuma 49cc scooter. It means "motor-driven cycle" then, right?
Just to make sure. I still need to take a test/course (either from DMV or MSF) and get a M1 or M2 license if I wanna ride this kind of 49cc scooter on the road in CA, right?
P.S. I am asking because in Illinois, we only need the regular class L driver's license to operate a motorcycle under 150cc.

Zuma Yamaha scooterstarting prob, batterie charg

2011-06-24 13:24:30 by lucky1000

It's does keep the charge, this is a new scooter with 400 miles on it, it work well finally for month than restart the same problem
are they known for electrical problem, what could it be, i think they is an electrical leak
is there a way to chage the batterie, like on 6 volts charge 4amp instead the 12v 2amp charge to better charge it (it'sa 12 volt batterie tiny one)
Thank you

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