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Buying the Perfect Moped or Motorbike Tax Disc Holder | Motorbike Theory Test Guide
A guide to a motorcyle, moped or motorbike licence

When buying your moped or motorbike tax disc holder there a few important things you should look for so you get the best deal and more importantly good value for money. Although the tax disc holder is not one of the things you might think of as being an important decision, it is trust me. The look of the holder can either bring your bike down or compliment it nicely and not forgetting you must legally have a valid tax disc so why not buy a good looking one and for a great price.

The things you should look for when buying your new tax disc holder should be that it is waterproof. This is the thing that should stick out in your mind as being extremely important because if it’s not waterproof then your tax disc will just get ruined. This would be a huge waste of money both in terms of buying the actual tax disc and the holder. Pretty much all holders are waterproof but my advice would be to just check.

Finding a holder that provides protection from corrosion, road salt, tar etc is definitely a good choice as this will keep the holder looking good and will prevent you from having to buy a new one if your last one is corroded too much. This protection is usually called anodised and I’d strongly suggest you buy a holder with this protection. You can find my top choice tax disc holders below.

Another big part of the holder is the looks, if it looks bad then obviously you’re not going to want it. The colour should go well with the colour of your motorcycle so it blends in seamlessly with the overall look and style of your motorbike. As well as looking good it’s more important to be secure and this is by being secured to your bike with 6 Allen bolts which should be the standard you are looking for. To be even more secure and safe there should also be a theft resistant opening with an Allen key, this extra protection will give you more peace of mind when leaving your motorcycle out on the road.

Finally price is usually the ultimate deciding factor in many decisions and buying a holder is no exception. All holders are relatively cheap and affordable, usually ranging between £1.50-£8 however better known brands and more added extras will require you to pay more but the final choice is down to you.

My Top Picks For Motorbike Tax Disc Holders

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I mean Yamaha Zuma kind of scooters.

2006-04-26 12:44:55 by manchild

What I meant was something like the Yamaha Zuma 49cc scooter. It means "motor-driven cycle" then, right?
Just to make sure. I still need to take a test/course (either from DMV or MSF) and get a M1 or M2 license if I wanna ride this kind of 49cc scooter on the road in CA, right?
P.S. I am asking because in Illinois, we only need the regular class L driver's license to operate a motorcycle under 150cc.

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2011-06-24 13:24:30 by lucky1000

It's does keep the charge, this is a new scooter with 400 miles on it, it work well finally for month than restart the same problem
are they known for electrical problem, what could it be, i think they is an electrical leak
is there a way to chage the batterie, like on 6 volts charge 4amp instead the 12v 2amp charge to better charge it (it'sa 12 volt batterie tiny one)
Thank you

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