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A Superior Scooter/Moped Dealer YP.com Great Service, Very informative, and Truthful that's the main thing! I just purchase a scooter/moped from here and was really glad I did!!!!!.....Oh, You can't beat the prices. Checked out everything that I was told by dealer and he knows his stuff....I'm a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend this dealer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by by YP.com user on April 11, 2011. Brought to you by openlist.

Bad Attitude Average Rating 100 Called just to see if he could take a look and tell me what I needed fix on my moped and he gave me an attitude because I didn't buy from him. I never asked him to fix it just to take a look and he could even do that!

Posted by by Guest G. at Judy's Book on March 25, 2011. Brought to you by Judy's Book.

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Vintage mopeds-worth the time

2007-04-23 15:55:37 by erin_onamoped

Mopeds are a lot of maintence...but they are also really simple to keep going. the main things you will want to know and take care of are mixing you oil, cleaning your carb and checking your spark. a stock bike can get you about 25-30mph if its in good condition and taken care of. i have a '78 cimatti twin sport kitted and she runs over 50mph. you should check out mopedarmy.com for more info. as for parts, 1977 mopeds online can get you almost any part you'll need, and the owner is opening a shop is san fran some time next year. besides that, moped gangs are fun.

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These days, tourists seeking an open-air, liberated view of Miami can also rent Vespas and other scooters from businesses along the beach. “It's the only way to get around and really see South Beach,” said Nicholas Betancourt, sales associate at VIP ..

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  • Avatar unknown_3420 Moped/Scooter?
    Apr 14, 2007 by unknown_3420 | Posted in Motorcycles

    I need a moped or scooter for under $800 and 50cc i live in the Lexington Ky area....plz help

    • Contact they will ship it right to you, and unlike the ebay drop shippers, they will give you warraty and part service. There are of course others, but, this one seems to be reputable. While your at it check out the forum at

  • Avatar Wilson Need advice on buying a moped!!!?
    May 26, 2012 by Wilson | Posted in Insurance & Registration

    So I have been thinking of purchasing a Moped this summer to save on gas. The main issue I have is the speed restrictions on 50cc scooters. I have no interest in getting a motorcycle license (which in KY is required for a …settle for the 50cc engine and just deal with the complaints?

    I'll mainly be riding in neighborhoods and downtown (stop start mostly), however there are roads I'd have to take where speeds get up to 35-40mph.

    • Hello,

      when i was growing up my first scooter was 50cc not restricted capable of 55 mph.

      the police pulled me over numerous times and never did it come into the conversation,

      a …, then thats his problem, your paying to be on the road like everyone else ( make sure you have health care covered on your policy)

      to sum it up, get the power in your bike, doesnt mean you have to use it.