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The 50cc Ninja Moped Review
Motobecane Ninja G3 Exhaust

Steady like a rock riding, the 50CC Ninja is really a attractive bike in a knockout cost If you want performance and understated style, the 50CC Ninja moped provides.

Getting already taken the game moped out for any ride, I had been interested to discover exactly what the 50CC Ninja moped might offer.

After unpacking the bike, it had been obvious this was intended to be a standout bike in additional ways than a single. I’ve not measured the wheelbase from the 50CC Sport model, however the Ninja moped appear to become slightly longer. The model I had been testing was mainly light gray with blue expensive.

As I have pointed out a couple of occasions before, I am not the littlest guy, but getting off and on from the 50CC Ninja was relatively simple. The chair height appeared exactly like the game model, and also the handle bars appear slightly nearer to your body.

For that bigger driver, it had been best to observe that the cowl was again inconspicuous and didn’t hinder my knees when attempting to show the moped.

The wheels around the 50CC Ninja moped have stylised spokes, however the diameter and tread is just like those of the Sports moped. The kickstand also appears exactly the same, along with a general to research the exhaust and is derived implies that, even though they are fitted slightly in a different way, they’re in many respects identical to the other 50CC scooters within the range.

Possibly it’s me, but straight-line driving on these little mopeds is definitely a enjoyable surprise. The pull you get free from modern engines is the fact that much more than that old moped of yesteryear.

This isn’t a knees lower style bike, therefore the steering column must be effective, and it definitely is that.

On the road, despite my large frame, I handled to achieve 30 miles per hour in well under 12 seconds. Considering that this model is fixed when it comes to horsepower and speed, this really is quite an achievement when transporting a 17 stone guy.

My only bugbear, which is applicable to any or all restricted mopeds, is the fact that I had been overtaken a bit more frequently than I’d like. This will cause me to ride slightly nearer to the curb and that i would would using its own disadvantages when it comes to road level of smoothness and visibility particularly around left-hands bends.

half an hour on the road, and again I am a convert. An incredible little bike an excellent moped for just about any newcomer to Scooter Riding, ideal like a first bike for less than 17, or the more compact user.

Slipstreamer Slipstreamer S-SCOOT66 Universal Scooter Windshield
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Slipstreamer)
  • Manufactured out of .150 Lucite acrylic
  • Mounts securely to mirror using anodized aluminum and powdercoated steel hardware
  • Fits most scooters with 8mm mirror threads

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Its all about what you like..Ive honestly

2012-02-05 05:32:51 by rokitman57

Stopped to warm up with a cup of coffee and had a Puch moped jockey stop and talk for awhile..he had a custom exhaust..oversize piston etc etc..and was probably just as proud of his Puch as I was of my old shovel. Sometimes for some..not all.. its about taking something that wasnt meant to do something and making it possible..about 4 years ago (when I came to this forum) my first post went something like this" Hey why dont you metric riders ever work on your own bikes!!" This is when I met Zwei or back then the green Ninja. I was cussed out and sent packing..I monitered the MOFO for a few days and came back and apologized to everyone

At 50, Vespa still has style enough for South Beach  — MiamiHerald.com
These days, tourists seeking an open-air, liberated view of Miami can also rent Vespas and other scooters from businesses along the beach. “It's the only way to get around and really see South Beach,” said Nicholas Betancourt, sales associate at VIP ..

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Sunny Powersports Sunny Powersports MC-JL5A WHITE Gas 50cc Moped Scooter w/ Trunk & Windshield (White)
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3dRose LLC Sunset light on scooters, Italy - EU16 MME0136 - Michele Molinari - 6x6 Inch Quilt Square
Art and Craft Supply (3dRose LLC)
  • Square dimension: 6" L x 6" W, image dimension: 4" L x 4" W
  • 100% cotton; image is soft to touch
  • Edges have pinking shear cut
  • Image will not fade with washing.
  • Image not a transfer, part of material
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  • Avatar BigBalloon Does it matter if i buy a 100cc plastic fairing for my 50cc moped?
    Apr 11, 2010 by BigBalloon | Posted in Motorcycles

    Does it matter if i buy a 100cc plastic fairing for my 50cc moped??

    Its the same model, same shape, will it matter?

    • Probably not. The only hassles noted for using larger motorcycle windshield on moped are in the mounting on smaller handlebars that often have a plastic cover interfering with mounting clamps- that can be worked around with hose clamps, angle iron like I did with CA50 scooter. Puchs used to get the $29.95 cycle shields with a beer can shim inside of clamp..

  • Avatar alan c I am looking for a scooter that will take my wife to the store?
    Sep 07, 2007 by alan c | Posted in Other - Outdoor Recreation

    She has always wanted one. I think because of a previous neck injury she would need a three wheeled scooter or moped. She wants to go (at least 35mph) or faster! Can anyone recomend one? She is small but I want to ride it too. I am about 225 lbs. Thanks!

    • Ol' Scooter Williams would probably give her a lift down there and back if'n ya need 'em to...

      Sorry Man, I couldn't resist.