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Hi All

I wanted to share some decent scooter performance exhausts, from South Africa, with you guys and to get some feedback on them from you all?

I'm also looking for any of your Motorcycle Distributors who may be interested in selling these pipes over there in Oz? If anyone can steer me in the right direction or give me contacts it would be greatly appreciated!

I'm not going to dwell too much on CRP (Coker Race Products) accept that they've been specializing in 2-stroke and 4-stroke performance parts for over 20yrs and make components for Moto2 bikes.

CRP have 2T pipes for the following scooters: Yamaha BWS100; Nitro/Aerox100; Grand Axis100 / PGO Rattler110, PMX110 / Kymco Top Boy100, Cobra100

They available in 'Raw Series' (GP Style) or 'Platanum Series' (Nickel Plated) and Alluminium or Carbon Fiber Silencer. 2T pipes come with lighter corrective rollers included.

Here are some pics and BWS Dyno Graph...

below: This is the real time Dyno Graph for a stock BWS100 (back wheel power) Strong bottom, mid and top.

below: 3D CAD Model of the BWS, Aerox, Axis100

below: 3D CAD Model of Kymco TB100

below: Kymco TB Raw Series Pipe

CRP have 4T pipes for the following scooters: Honda PCX125/150, Honda Vision110, SYM 300EVOi

Only available in Platinum Series

below: Power Graph for Honda PCX125 (rear wheel power)

below: 3D CAD Model of Honda PCX 125/150 has taper header design and dual chamber free flow silencer system.

below: Honda PCX 125/150 Platinium Series Full System

Feedback Welcome!

"Live by Faith and not by Sight"

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Scooters aren't a very safe choice. LA City streets have potholes large enough to park a VW bug in - the small tires on a scooter are no match.
Consider getting a moped, or a scooter with at least 16" wheels. Anything that has more than 50cc will require motorcycle registration & license. Only those 50cc with 30mph restrictor may qualify as moped - check with the dealer, since 50cc scooters are now 4-stroke and have higher performance.

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