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Used Yamaha Scooters for Sale by Private Owner
Used YAMAHA SCOOTERS Used Scooters 50~125cc,View used gas scooters

Welcome to Strike Lightning! You are invited to shop for used Yamaha scooters for sale here in our classifieds or if you have one that you need to sell, you are more than welcome to post it in our ads to see if you might find a buyer.

My daughter loves Yamaha scooters and she’s been begging for a Yamaha Razz, a Vino or a Zuma for a couple of years or however long it’s been since she saw a neighbor zipping around on her Hello Kitty Vino scooter. She loves them because they’re cute but there’s more to love about them than their looks like fuel efficiency and that they’re cheap on insurance rates, etc.



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You are welcome to as many classifieds as you have used scooters for sale of any brand. We are happy to help spread the word and to help you attract buyers for your motor scooters or any used Yamaha scooter parts, accessories or helmets that you have on hand. All you have to do to advertise your motor scooter for sale is fill out the form that I’ve provided on this page for your convenience, upload a picture or two of your motor scooter and write a few details.

For instance you should tell the current mileage of the Yamaha motor scooter for sale and list any upgrades and accessories that you are throwing in the deal for your asking price. You should also be honest as honest as you possibly can about any problems. If there is damage or if the paint has dings, if there are engine problems or anything else that may be of interest to a new owner be sure to mention it.

Check the value of your motor scooter by looking to see what other used scooters for sale are going for. After you decide on a reasonable price, post how much you want for it in your ad along with your contact information and your terms like whether or not you want to consider trades or best offer bids. Another bit of information that is helpful is your general location so that shoppers can estimate shipping prices unless you offer free delivery within a certain area.

As I mentioned earlier, my little girls love these scooters because they come in cute colors like light blue, pink and some kind of aqua green color, but before you buy one, you should read some reviews to see what the ratings are for reliability and performance.

Thanks for letting Strike Lightning help you advertise your used motorcycles for sale and if you have recommendations for how we can improve our free classifieds service, just drop us a comment!

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Aprilia RS50 scooter, or Honda/Yamaha 150/180???

2004-02-07 23:32:01 by LuccaBrazzi

I went over to Mr. Scooter on Valencia (here in San Francisco) to check out some used scooters. They have a few Honda & Yamaha 150's/180's for around $1300-$1500. On my way back to my car, I noticed an Aprilia dealer right next door, so I went in--never even heard of this company/brand.
I was blown away by something called the Aprilia RS50 scooter! It looks like a racing motorcycle bike, with fat tires, 2 disc brakes, and it seemed really, really sturdy. But the thing only has a 50cc engine.
Does anyone have any information/feedback on this very intriguing scooter? How does

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