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Opportunity for backup A-backs | Georgia Tech
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9:29 pm November 16, 2011, by Ken Sugiura


Some stuff you’ve probably read, but here are the post-practice notes.

1. It appears that Saturday will be a no-go for Georgia Tech A-back Orwin Smith.

Following Wednesday’s practice, coach Paul Johnson said Smith is “probably out” for the Yellow Jackets’ game against Duke. Smith suffered an undisclosed injury against Virginia Tech last Thursday and has not practiced this week. Smith suffered an additional injury Wednesday in a moped accident, Johnson said on his Wednesday night radio show on 790 the Zone. Neither injury is considered serious.

Johnson said a final decision on Smith will be made Thursday. Embry Peeples would be the likely starter in Smith’s place, with Tony Zenon likely getting additional snaps and possibly Deon Hill and Robert Godhigh. Roddy Jones will probably take Smith’s place on kick returns, Johnson said on the radio show.

A-backs coach Lamar Owens said he told the backups that “you may not get as many opportunities as Embry Peeples and Roddy Jones and Orwin Smith, but when you get your chance, you have to be ready for it.”

Smith is arguably the team’s most explosive offensive player. He averages 10.8 yards per carry and 23.8 yards per reception and has scored 11 touchdowns.

(As Owens said, an opportunity for Zenon, Hill and Godhigh to show what they can do and make a case for playing time. It worked for Quayshawn Nealy. And this is remarkable – this will be the second first time, following Jay Finch’s one-game absence, anyone in the regular starting offensive 11 won’t be available since Phil Smith missed the first two games for a suspension. The same is almost true of the defense, save Jeremiah Attaochu and Daniel Drummond’s games missed with injuries.

2. B-back Charles Perkins will get snaps on offense Saturday, Johnson said Wednesday. Johnson said Perkins “had a pretty good week” in practice. Perkins has played on special teams, but has not had a carry since the fourth game of the season. Since then, David Sims and Preston Lyons have shared the playing time at B-back.

“I don’t know how many (B-backs) we’ll play, but I know Charles is going to play, ” Johnson said.

(My thanks for BigTimeTechFan for prompting the question. And good for Perkins for sticking with it.)

3. So long as he avoids mishap, A-back Roddy Jones will tie former linebacker Ricardo Wimbush

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Honda Super Cub.. ideal for school, delivery, campground, etc. runs real strong. no mixing of gas with oil like with a moped. 100 miles per gallon means you can travel for pennies a day.call me at nine 4 nine 302-4036
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Early 40's for me

2008-04-16 22:26:27 by JAMeCK-Engineering

I used to ride a moped in college, so wondered about getting a motorcycle when gas kept getting more expensive. My truck gets about 10 mpg, on a good day.
A friend had a Hondamatic 400 for sale, which looked like it would be easy to use, and similar to the moped. After some initial heebeegeebees (ummm, what other word would go well for that thought?) I got used to riding in traffic and on the freeway. Some with large motorcycles thought I was crazy riding a 400 on the freeway, but I had no problem unless there was a big head-wind.
Then I bought a CB750K, which has proven to be a fun bike

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    I asked earlier when a sims game is going to have cars and everybody said sims 3, so i checked it out and it dont seem like you can... I need facts from whoever's played or has it... Can you actually BUY a car or cars or do you just get some lame car for work like in the other sims? If you can BUY a car then please tell me what kind of cars they have. thanks!

    • You can buy different cars (sports car, SUV, regular car). For level 5 (I think) of the Law Enforcement career you get a Patrol Car and if you own the expansions you can get your own Firetruck (Ambitions), also they added a motorbike (chopper type) and a moped (both? in World Adventures).

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    Personally I am excited, I have been …y the limited edition version?
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    What do you suspect will be a let down?
    Do you think the new motorcycle/moped is cute or not?
    Are we 'digging' the new social groups?

    • Yes, I'm excited for it. Not as excited as I was for other expansions like Supernatural and Seasons, but this one definitely looks promising. I'm definitely going to buy it and I've already pre-ordered the limited edition …idea is ok, but I think three is a pretty small number. Still, on the plus side, we aren't restricted to just having our sims in only one and that's good. We'll see how it works out. And, yes, the new moped is super cute.