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If anyone thought mainstream rock went out of style, apparently they failed to hear HOTROD MOPED, the St. Charles MO. quartet featuring vocalist Andy Cardwell, guitarists D.J. Wright and Pat Ryan, Bassist Ryan Svoboda, and Drummer Scott Snyder, consistently delivering a high energy experience highlighting the hottest rockin’ music of the last 4 decades.The band originally formed in 2000 with Cardwell and Wright, undergoing a series of line-up changes before going on a long hiatus and re-surfacing in the summer of 2009. The current HRM lineup draw from a wide variety of musical influences and backgrounds. “We finally got it right” says Svoboda… “We play songs that most bands don’t think of attempting to try… the songs that people like to crank up in their car and sing along to when no one is watching, but you can still move to it.”

The future is bright for HOTROD MOPED, you can catch them live at premier venues in St. Louis and surrounding areas most every weekend.

Atari Atari Racing Collection
Video Games (Atari)
  • Includes three of Atari's most popular racing games: Dirt Track Racing 2, DRIV3R, and V Rally 3
  • Progress through various series from Stock, to Modified, and on to the Late models with Dirt Track Racing 2
  • Drive in high-speed rally vehicles, and live the life of a driver working through an intense rally season in V-Rally 3
  • Participate in a realistic crime saga that would make even Hollywood proud in DRIV3R
  • All three games shipped together for complete racing entertainment on your PC

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2006-10-12 07:49:37 by Live_Aloha

Direct answer to your question is the #5 bus from Ala Moana, get off on Punahou St. right by Punahou School, take a left on Nehoa and a right on Makiki Heights Dr.
However, Tantalus/Round Top Dr. is better accessed by car or moped, it's 8+ miles, curvy and without much room from bikes or peds in places. At night it's kinda lovers lane and a lot of the drivers are likely to be drinking. There are some good hikes near Tantalus including a loop trail at the Hawaii Nature Center (but the views there are more forest than city). Easier hikes to access but still have views include Diamond Head, Punchbowl, or take the buses to the top of St

Is This BMW the Ultimate Maxiscooter?  — New York Times
By STUART F. BROWN. Published: July 5, 2013. Of all the head-of-the-class vehicles one might expect from the wizards at BMW's research and development works, a high-performance scooter would probably be well down the list. If it made the list at all.

Aprilia SRV 850 In Australia This Month: World's Most Powerful Scooter  — The Motor Report
Aprilia describes the SRV 850 as an “ultra-high performance scooter, the meeting point between the scooter world and the motorcycle world”, and there's plenty of mechanical evidence to back that claim.

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  • Avatar 68Chevy350 Sim's 3 - Can you buy different kinds of cars?
    Jun 29, 2010 by 68Chevy350 | Posted in Video & Online Games

    I asked earlier when a sims game is going to have cars and everybody said sims 3, so i checked it out and it dont seem like you can... I need facts from whoever's played or has it... Can you actually BUY a car or cars or do you just get some lame car for work like in the other sims? If you can BUY a car then please tell me what kind of cars they have. thanks!

    • You can buy different cars (sports car, SUV, regular car). For level 5 (I think) of the Law Enforcement career you get a Patrol Car and if you own the expansions you can get your own Firetruck (Ambitions), also they added a motorbike (chopper type) and a moped (both? in World Adventures).