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The amount of mopeds and scooters out on the roads these days in Sacramento, and really all over the U.S., has been steadily growing in the past few years. I would imagine that this is the most common they have been since the mid to late 70s. I have been watching it happen since about 2005 when I purchased the first moped I had ever even ridden. But even The Wall Street Journal is reporting about their increase in sales.

The Wall Street Journal reports that “domestic sales of scooters have surged as budget- and environment-minded consumers look for relief from high pump prices and as more-appealing models come on the market.” Sales of scooters with engine sizes of 150CCs or less…have jumped 200% to 48, 000 by 2004 from c.16, 000 in 1999 and they continue to rise."

With so many models to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you, moped or scooter? A moped has pedals so if you run out of gas, you can still pedal home; a scooter does not. If you plan on owning any scooter, you have to have an M1 license, insurance, registration. This isn’t a bad thing considering that most scooters can do a maximum speed of about 39-80 mph.

The decision for me is more about style and preference. Although I myself am a moped person, most people tend to be scooter people just because they are more cushy and comfy and they go faster.

The moped these days is a lot more about restoration and customization. There are so many things that you can do to them and ways to make them look really cool for a lot cheaper than what it costs to buy a scooter.

Here in town if you're looking to find your way into the moped scene you might want to make your way over to Motomatic Mopeds located behind Bows and Arrows Vintage, in the alley. But it is the only place in Sacramento where you can get this type of moped expertise since they don’t really make very many more new ones. In fact, there is only one brand of moped around anymore, and that is Tomos.

So if you really want to get a moped the best way to go about it is to head over to Motomatic or hit up craigslist and start searching for an old rusty moped to get your hands on and then head over to Motomatic to get it running like a champ. Mike Rafter and all the Land Squids over there (Land Squids is the Sacramento Moped gang can do anything from the littlest tune up to full-on customization and overhauling.

If you are in the market for a motor scooter, however, there are a vast number of options to chose from. You can go all over the place and get a scooter for about $1500 brand new. But Vespa still reigns supreme in the scooter world. The Vespa is the classic Italian scooter that basically every other scooter you see on the road was modeled after. If you are looking for Vespa specifically, head to the Internet and check out Vespa.com or you can check out Hot Italian on 16th and Q as well.

I wouldn’t mind having me a sweet old Vespa at some point in time. Regardless of which one you choose, you are getting some bang for your gas buck. Mopeds get around 80-100 miles to the gallon. Four-stroke 150CC scooters top out at 60 mph and get around 70-80 miles to the gallon.

If you are considering alternative transportation, just do a little research, take a few test drives, and you’re bound to fall in love with one of them.

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Direct answer to your question is the #5 bus from Ala Moana, get off on Punahou St. right by Punahou School, take a left on Nehoa and a right on Makiki Heights Dr.
However, Tantalus/Round Top Dr. is better accessed by car or moped, it's 8+ miles, curvy and without much room from bikes or peds in places. At night it's kinda lovers lane and a lot of the drivers are likely to be drinking. There are some good hikes near Tantalus including a loop trail at the Hawaii Nature Center (but the views there are more forest than city). Easier hikes to access but still have views include Diamond Head, Punchbowl, or take the buses to the top of St

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  • Avatar Ander Can you drive a 50cc scooter without tag or license on the road in Sacramento California?
    Jul 31, 2012 by Ander | Posted in Motorcycles

    I'm 16 years old and was thinking of getting a Yamaha Vino 50cc moped for transportation. I was wondering if you can ride mopeds that are 50cc without tag or any type of license. Is a 50cc moped/scooter street legal? Thank you for your time.

    • In California, a Yamaha Vino is legally a motorcycle, no difference than a Harley-Davidson Road King. To ride legally on the streets you need a Class-M1 motorcycle driver's license, a motorcycle vehicle registration and l …r's license to be legal on the streets.

      There is *NOTHING* with a motor that you can have on the streets without a driver's license of some sort. Unless you are disabled, then you can have a mobility scooter.