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2 Seater Scooter Rental | Cool Key West
2010 Remington West Scooter 3 Wheeler 2 Seater w / Windshield For

Tour Highlights:

  • Free customer pick-up and drop-off
  • 2 convenient Old Town locations
  • Top-of-the-line scooters
  • Easy to drive
  • Easy access to all Key West attractions

How to book:

To reserve your spot book online

Need Help?
800-814-COOL (toll-free)
305-290-2049 (local)

About 2 Seater Scooter Rental:

With our scooters, you will find traveling through Key West much, much easier! Our two seaters are perfect for traveling couples. These scooters will greatly reduce your travel time from one destination to the next as well as the time it will take you to find a good parking spot close to all the hot spots.

You will then have more time to enjoy all the great activities, shops, and bars that are found in Key West. Furthermore, your scooter will be brought directly to you!

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Scooters in Seattle

2005-09-20 11:25:09 by OldBiker

The scooter phenom in Seattle is exploding! I went to a couple of big parties this summer, and both were attended by the Rain City Riders and a horde of other gopeds, mopeds, and scoots. They're mostly 20-somethings resurrecting old vespas and hondas and really odd chinese and italian makes.
It was funny being in South Seattle, at night, under the West Seattle Freeway, waiting for the train to pass at the crossing and on my hog, when suddenly there are 50 or 60 scooters pulling up beside and behind me. They have that weedeater sound to them that reminds me of an angry badger. I chuckled at their pack of biker hoodlums

Is This BMW the Ultimate Maxiscooter?  — New York Times
By STUART F. BROWN. Published: July 5, 2013. Of all the head-of-the-class vehicles one might expect from the wizards at BMW's research and development works, a high-performance scooter would probably be well down the list. If it made the list at all.

Aprilia SRV 850 In Australia This Month: World's Most Powerful Scooter  — The Motor Report
Aprilia describes the SRV 850 as an “ultra-high performance scooter, the meeting point between the scooter world and the motorcycle world”, and there's plenty of mechanical evidence to back that claim.

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  • Avatar JaclynBrene' Can a 14 year old on a motor with a class M license take a passenger?
    Jun 07, 2008 by JaclynBrene' | Posted in Other - Cars & Transportation

    I am in TN and I am looking for a nice scooter to ride to and from school/work/friend's houses/nearby stores...

    If I were to get a 2-seater 125cc, would I be allowed to bring a passenger?
    The DMV website didn't mention it so I wanted to make sure it was OK.

    • I check the site and it does not say so the best thing to do before anything is just to call and ask, good luck....

      Tennessee Department of Safety
      1150 Foster Avenue
      Nashville, TN 37243
      (615) 253-5221
      1-866-849-3548 (Toll Free)
      Fax: (615) 253-2092

  • Avatar obxsurfer94 Where can I find a good electric scooter?
    Sep 22, 2008 by obxsurfer94 | Posted in Toys

    I really want an electric scooter but I don't know which ones are good. Please show any links or websites!
    I am 14 and weigh around 105 but I would like one that would hold more in case I ride with someone.
    Any 2 seater links would be very appreciated!!!!!

    • Wal-mart