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V-Belt KEVLAR 835 20 30 fits GY6 125cc 150cc Motorcycle Scooter

V-Belt KEVLAR 835 20 30 fits GY6 125cc 150cc Motorcycle Scooter Posted on July 10th,2013 in Scooter Products

V-Belt KEVLAR 835 20 30 fits GY6 125cc 150cc Motorcycle Scooter

List Price: $22.90

  • Quality made for high mileage and reliability.
  • Oil and heat resistant
  • Please make sure this is the right size for your system.
  • Save time and money,go for quality.
  • BELT SIZE: 835 x 20 x 30

List Price: $22.90

Your Price: $22.90-

Premium KEVLAR Drive Belt
GY6 engine 125cc –150cc Motorcycles,Scooters,ATV

Belt Size: 835 mm Length x 20 mm Width x 30 mm teeth spacing

This belt is Kevlar reinforced,Kevlar’s superior performance characteristics reduce belt stretching and distortion that can adversely affect the quality of your engraving,while providing long belt life.

Your Price: $22.90 –

V-Belt KEVLAR 835 20 30 fits GY6 125cc 150cc Motorcycle Scooter

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SilverEnd Day Edit!

You just make sure you take a few brakes,scooter

2012-01-07 21:04:27 by -

Between logging in to multiple handles, copying everyone's style and finding time to be a complete dumbass, your bound to get a little tired and even a little insane.
But that's what mom's are for. Make sure she brings down some sandwiches and Sunny D on a fairly regular basis.
We just worry about you is all.

Just had my scooter into the three digits !

2009-07-06 14:44:33 by Amp58

And that's with three bags of groceries strapped onto it.
I like to call it "Extreme Shopping Runs".
I've been taking good advantage of the last three sunny days and have racked up about 500 miles since the sun returned.
Kayaking my arms off too, as both kayak buddies are on vacation.
We did some big lake in The Bershires today and got to marvell at how the other half live out there.
Christ, there camps were better than anything I've ever lived in !

I can't believe I'm

2009-01-11 10:41:02 by Heart-of_Gold

Considering the scooter version of Sturgis:
The Vegas Rally. Its a little over 8 hours at highway speeds. Sounds too risky at the moment. but then I've only been on two wheels for two months now. By the spring... I will really really want to do it.
Here's hoping for sunny skies for y'all too!

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Rotary Corp 144959 Replacement belt made with Aramid fiber (Kevlar) . For Craftsman, Poulan, Husqvanra, Wizard, more.
Lawn & Patio (Rotary Corp)
  • Rotary Belt Replaces AYP 144959
  • 1/2 x 95.1"
  • See www.rpmpowerequipment.com for more information
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ScooterPartsDepot V-Belt CVT Drive Belt 743 20 30 fits GY6 125cc 150cc Scooter Motorcycle ATV
Automotive Parts and Accessories (ScooterPartsDepot)
  • Quality made for high mileage and reliability.
  • Oil and heat resistant
  • Save time and money, go for quality.
  • BELT SIZE: 743 x 20 x 30
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  • Avatar JaclynBrene' Can a 14 year old on a motor with a class M license take a passenger?
    Jun 07, 2008 by JaclynBrene' | Posted in Other - Cars & Transportation

    I am in TN and I am looking for a nice scooter to ride to and from school/work/friend's houses/nearby stores...

    If I were to get a 2-seater 125cc, would I be allowed to bring a passenger?
    The DMV website didn't mention it so I wanted to make sure it was OK.

    • I check the site and it does not say so the best thing to do before anything is just to call and ask, good luck....

      Tennessee Department of Safety
      1150 Foster Avenue
      Nashville, TN 37243
      (615) 253-5221
      1-866-849-3548 (Toll Free)
      Fax: (615) 253-2092

  • Avatar obxsurfer94 Where can I find a good electric scooter?
    Sep 22, 2008 by obxsurfer94 | Posted in Toys

    I really want an electric scooter but I don't know which ones are good. Please show any links or websites!
    I am 14 and weigh around 105 but I would like one that would hold more in case I ride with someone.
    Any 2 seater links would be very appreciated!!!!!

    • Wal-mart