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12V Scooter Horn

Ardi tax disc holders / 12V electric horn

Ardi Tax Disc Holder

Made of aluminium and with a 100% watertight seal you can be sure that your expensive tax disc won't get soggy anymore with an Ardi tax disc holder.And for added security the face of the tax disc holder fastens down with six allen key bolts. Available in five different anodised colours,each tax disc holder comes with an allen key and anti-vibration washer included. Price: £11.99

Red: AD/LH7R
Blue: AD/LH7B
Silver: AD/LH7S
Gold: AD/LH7G
Black: AD/LH7K

Ardi 12V Electric Horn

Another useful product from Ardi is this 12V electric horn that's suitable for the majority of scooters on the market today. The sharp 100 decibel noise can be heard by other motorists and will also pass an MOT.

Price: £6.25
Product code: AD/HOR004

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SilverEnd Day Edit!

You just make sure you take a few brakes,scooter

2012-01-07 21:04:27 by -

Between logging in to multiple handles, copying everyone's style and finding time to be a complete dumbass, your bound to get a little tired and even a little insane.
But that's what mom's are for. Make sure she brings down some sandwiches and Sunny D on a fairly regular basis.
We just worry about you is all.

Just had my scooter into the three digits !

2009-07-06 14:44:33 by Amp58

And that's with three bags of groceries strapped onto it.
I like to call it "Extreme Shopping Runs".
I've been taking good advantage of the last three sunny days and have racked up about 500 miles since the sun returned.
Kayaking my arms off too, as both kayak buddies are on vacation.
We did some big lake in The Bershires today and got to marvell at how the other half live out there.
Christ, there camps were better than anything I've ever lived in !

I can't believe I'm

2009-01-11 10:41:02 by Heart-of_Gold

Considering the scooter version of Sturgis:
The Vegas Rally. Its a little over 8 hours at highway speeds. Sounds too risky at the moment. but then I've only been on two wheels for two months now. By the spring... I will really really want to do it.
Here's hoping for sunny skies for y'all too!

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  • Avatar George Where is the horn on the Gilera Stalker 50cc?
    Jul 18, 2010 by George | Posted in Motorcycles

    I want to put a klaxon on and cant be bothered with an external switch for a seperate horn so just want to swap. Its a 12v Horn so its ok, i just dont know where the standard horn is located.

    • Scooters usually have the horn behind the front panel (below the headlight).
      Press the horn button and listen for the beep.

  • Avatar boloaokoe Electric scooter won't start?
    Dec 05, 2007 by boloaokoe | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    I bought a small electric scooter from craigslist the other day and it will not start. The lights and horn work so I know it's not the fuse. Potential problems: I only have one 12v battery hooked up to it. There is a red and black wire that are not connected to anything. As you can tell I don't know much about any of this. Any suggestions?

    • I have scooter to but it has never done that I would try to get a different battery!!!!!