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New Puch Five Star Mags | puch - peugeot - derbi

Vespa Moped Brake Cable Thing

New Puch Five Star Mags

The New Puch Five Star Mags,From treatshq. They require some special changes to get them to fit right.Puch Magnum Mag Wheel

On the front wheel I used a Vespa Moped cable stop thing,as pictured above in diagram (a) Commonly found on the Vespa Ciao,Bravo,Grande,Si,Boxer and others

As I recall ,I also did some re-threading where thebrake cable adjusterthreads into the brake plate,right. These cable stops work great and are easy to adjust.Just make sure the cable is mashed in there good,so it won’t slip.

Also The Rear brake plate may have to be made larger where it fits into the stop piece on the swing arm.

Also notice that the hole that holds this rear brake cable adjuster may also have to be drilled out larger.

Like this:

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Puch Five Star Puch Rear Brake Cable

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Scooter in LA

2004-03-29 16:52:39 by -

Scooters aren't a very safe choice. LA City streets have potholes large enough to park a VW bug in - the small tires on a scooter are no match.
Consider getting a moped, or a scooter with at least 16" wheels. Anything that has more than 50cc will require motorcycle registration & license. Only those 50cc with 30mph restrictor may qualify as moped - check with the dealer, since 50cc scooters are now 4-stroke and have higher performance.

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  • Avatar Drizzie Is all gear lubricant good for mopeds.....like I have a 1980 gnlenral 5 star moped?
    May 21, 2009 by Drizzie | Posted in Motorcycles

    I have a 1980 general 5 star moped engine minarelli v1.... is it smart to use mobile 1 synthetic gear lubricant 75w-90. I bought it from auto zone but I don't want to put it in the transmission and if it's not right the engine backfires and ignites......someone please help!!!! And if it not smart to use it which one do I Use????

    • No it is not good for all mopeds my owners manual for my moped say to use 10w30 or 10w40 motor oil in the transmission but mine is a newer moped 2007.. if you got an owners manual it will tell you in there...

  • Avatar Poppy Getting a 125cc moped/scooter soon and need advice on a helmet for it.?
    Feb 17, 2013 by Poppy | Posted in Motorcycles

    I've been wanting to get a moped for quite some time, and am saving up enough to buy one this year, along with getting the licenses I need ready too. I've even chosen the model: (http://www.mopeds.co.uk/125cc-moped-city.h … />
    This is my current helmet of choice, but I'm still a bit iffy with it's safety. It looks nice and all, but I'd be a bit silly to base it completely on looks without considering how well it will protect my head.

    • A helmet should be fitted at a shop, not ordered on-line. They are sort of like trousers, one size/shape does not fit all, BUT they are a bit more important than pants as they protect your head and face in the event of a …oosely fitted as they can twist your neck causing injury that may not have occured on a simple go-down.
      If they are too tight they can cause severe pressure to the head that can distract your attention to the road.