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What do air scoops do for mopeds/scooters etc and how do you fit them?
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What do air scoops do for mopeds/scooters etc and how do you fit them? Thanks, Mat.

Chosen Answer:

They do nothing for performance. They are for appearance only.

How they are attached depends on the manufacturer of the scoop. Some may bolt or rivet on. Others may attach using double back tape.
by: Mad Jack
on: 5th March 09

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Scooter mods

2007-06-05 07:31:16 by partsmonkey

Try searching the net for a "big bore kit" for your make and model of 50cc scooter.
What you get is a new larger piston and rings, as well as a new cylinder or cylinder liner depending on engine type. Typically bumps it up to 70cc displacement.
Once you have increased the displacement of you engine, look into getting a larger carburetor to feed the engine more fuel.
Lastly a tuned pipe. These are popular with the 50cc scooter crowd.

Mod it out and get more power

2007-11-28 11:23:07 by RumRabbit

I had a People 50cc scooter a few years back that hit about 40mph but it was derestricted,stock it was limited to 35 as a lot of 50cc's usually are.I got fed up with going only 40 so I put a 70cc kit,kevlar belt,larger carb and racing exhaust on it and then it would hit a true 55mph.It had no low end torque off the line but once you got going it went.You may want to consider modding your scoot also they make hop-up kits for the Scarabeo.

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  • Avatar Michael G Is it possible to put a homemade, electric supercharger on a goped?
    May 15, 2008 by Michael G | Posted in Engineering

    I have a 30cc Bladez goped. I've researched how to make them go faster and i found a lot of stuff that might possible break it or is very stupid or dangerous. Basically, I just want to know if it would help to put something like a pvc pipe (something like an air scoop) with an electric ducted fan blowing in. It wouldn't force that much more air in, but would it help at all, or am I just crazy?

    • Me and my freind have commenced the same project on his 50cc mini chopper.

      We bought a 3 inch inline marine blower fan from a boating/maring store, they were like 30 bucks and they had bigger ones too.

      who the f is that guy talkign about the engine cooling system failing and the transmission failing, its a freikign goped man

  • Avatar Sadie Kanga-RUE How many words can you make from the phrase "microscope mania"?
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    2.You can only use the letters the amount of times it is in the phrase.
    3.Names are allowed.
    4 … used.
    6.You can't use Microscope or Mania.
    7.Try to beat the record...273...
    8.Must be at lest 2 letters...
    9.Can't use 'I' or 'A'
    10.Words like Ma'am or I'm with an apostraphy are accepted.

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