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The nasty king of moped Suzuki Belang 150R
The rear ass is so tall n sharp.
Some people said tall people ain't fit this bike. But it suits me just nice. Hey I'm almost 180cm ya know' :P
Aww manja looking.. I want to bring home this one but it's a bit pricey. RM7800 !
Ah the big bro ER6-N Kawasaki 650cc naked bike retailing for RM33, 000.Well today I went to pickup my gal's new bike the Honda Icon 110cc scoooooooot~ I managed to get my friend which is the boss of this motorcycle outlet to let me test ride on some of the bike. He purposely bring over the Belang 150r for me to test ride.

Well imo, the moped is kind of cool. The size might look small but it's bigger than Honda Hurricane. The length is similar to a normal moped. The seating posture ain't that sporty as claimed by others. I like overall of the bike except for the gear lever which is too small. Changing gear might be a bit hard if you got big foot like me, of coz there is an option to get a better gear lever. And I found that though the bike is powerful but given 6 speed, you need to get the shift going often and you need to rev it to feel the power.. Imho is a great moped with race spec... Going on sale for RM7800++

Then I had another test ride on the FZ150i ! Yes finally I've got the chance to take the bike for a spin. As usual the seating posture is just nice and great. You'll feel your butt as comfy as possible. You don't have to lean at all, it's just sitting straight like a touring bike as claimed. Handling is better than the Belang 150r imo... Well just my preference. Pickup is definitely great. And you really feel like riding a big bike though with small cc engine. Hehe.. going on sale for Rm8000++

Lastly I get to ride on my first loved moped.. the LC135. Erm not the normal LC but LC ES the one with the clutch level. Power wise is the same but the pickup does feel a bit stronger and I love the clutch a lot. It makes changing gear as smooth as possible. And you don't have to worry about dropping 2 gears at the same time.. Hehe.. Going on sale for.. hehe Sorry the price quoted for me is special only to mua' But you'll get to buy this bike around RM7000++ on Penang island.

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2011-05-28 09:59:38 by loneostsoul

Just got this moped and got it started,no topend power was idling good but now won't start at all,after kicking several times the kick starter would'nt go down, i took the plug out and gas poured out from chamber,now kick start works,exhaust is not plugged up,with exhaust off and starting fluid it wil not fire, getting good spark at the plug also rebuilt carb, anyone got any ideas

The ad (which includes no license as a perk)

2011-06-24 01:38:28 by super_chevy

And $750 is overpriced for this moped anyway!
Moped - $750 ((obo) Central Austin )
Date: 2011-06-23, 3:58PM CDT
Reply to: sale-wkazc-2458575379@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
1986 Suzuki moped with clean tittle
140 mpg
top speed of 35
5o cc (no license required)
Location: (obo) Central Austin
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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