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Don’t Drive Your Scooter On The Sidewalk Like The McDonalds GoodMorningSTL CommercialUrbanReviewSTL | UrbanReviewSTL

Screenshot from McDonald's commercial showing a scooter delivering food on the sidewalk. Click image to view commercial in YouTube. Good Morning St. Louis” commercial filmed in the Delmar Loop,from a January RFT Gut Check report:

Gut Check spotted a film crew and a guy on a moped wearing a McDonald’s jacket in front of Chuck Berry Plaza this morning,and we just hoofed it down the block from Gut Check International Headquarters to confirm that McDonald’s is indeed shooting a TV commercial at the University City,um,landmark.

At 9 a.m.,a crew set up a limited McDonald’s breakfast menu and a call box like the kind used to place orders in drive-throughs. When inquisitive pedestrians walk by and decide to try to order from the seemingly random speaker,much to their surprise (or maybe not,given that there are camera crews all over),a guy rides up on the aforementioned moped to deliver fresh,hot McDonald’s food to the person who placed the order.Screenshot from McDonald's commercial showing a scooter delivering food on the sidewalk. Click image to view commercial in YouTube.(RFT)

Each time I see the commercial I keep thinking it’s getting people okay with the idea of driving a motor scooter on the public sidewalk — a very bad idea. Illegal too.

Screenshot from McDonald’s commercial showing a scooter delivering food on the sidewalk. Click image to view commercial in YouTube.

Hopefully McDonald’s obtained permits to close the sidewalk during filming but I’m disappointed it shows an illegal act.

On the positive side I do like they’re doing locally-focused commercials.

– Steve Patterson

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2011-02-18 19:15:21 by wyattburp

The color, red, causes bulls to run at you. Madd people may escalate upon seeing a wench in a red hooded sweat shirt. It's the color of valentines, if I haven't past the last phase of syph. And red are the tires on my bicycle, the most wonderful bike I've ever owned.
The tires were old, anyhoo, and then I destroyed the back one trying to mount a motor kit to it. Mission Gas Moped failed, having ground a hold the size of a quarter, so I copped the cheapest new tires possible. Metric size. Pain. I had to order red side wall dirt riding tires, because they were they only kind going cheap

Obsession with bin Laden...

2001-10-25 13:10:35 by disko

Obsession with bin Laden
crosses all frontiers
By Robert Fisk
After Osama, 'Godfather of Terror'' - our very own cliché - comes Osama, 'Saviour of the Muslim World'', Osama, the 'New Saladin'', Osama 'V Mahdi''. Amid the blue moped fumes of the Peshawar bazaar, his face beams out of a hundred bookshops, turbaned, wise, half-smiling, disembodied.
On the front cover of Khaled Choudhury's, Osama bin Laden: Freedom Fighter or Terrorist? - readers may guess which conclusion the author draws - Mr bin Laden gazes down at us from the sky above the snows of the Afghan mountains

Is This BMW the Ultimate Maxiscooter?  — New York Times
By STUART F. BROWN. Published: July 5, 2013. Of all the head-of-the-class vehicles one might expect from the wizards at BMW's research and development works, a high-performance scooter would probably be well down the list. If it made the list at all.

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  • Avatar Ashley Why do cyclist take so much offense to questions about cycling in the road when the are no stupid questions ?
    Jan 08, 2012 by Ashley | Posted in Cycling

    But there are stupid answers?

    • Asking why cyclist shouldn't be riding on the road is stupid when bicycles are considered as a vehicle and have every right to be there. Guess you never lived in Amish or farm country where it is a lot harder to get around a tractor or horse and buggy. I have passed both on my bicycle.

  • Avatar St. Louis' Ben Grimm Anyone know a place in St. Louis, MO where you can rent Mopeds/Motor Scooters?
    May 19, 2008 by St. Louis' Ben Grimm | Posted in St. Louis

    There's really not a lot of things to do in St. Louis. However, I do remember seeing a place that let people rent motor scooters hourly/daily but I don't remember the location. I'm guessing it was for tourists... not sure. Can anyone help me with some info? Thanks!

    • I think there is a place in Alton that sells & rents scooters. I noted they had a store front in the Mills Mail last week. You might check with some of the motorcycle shops and perhaps they can direct you. As to not a …ee with you. There are plenty of things and many of them are free. I would check the Explore St. Louis Web Site and there was a section in the Post last week with a whole host of Summer events coming up.