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JMcCoy's 1977 Benz 240D | German Car Forum
1980 Sachs Hercules Parts WTB

Sept. 2, 2012
Lititz, PA, USA
Josiah McCoyGreetings Benz owners. I will be purchasing my first Mercedes later this week. I have yet to see the car in person but for $600 one cannot turn this deal down. The car is a 1977 MB 240D sedan. The owner is leaving this week for the Army and he is unable to keep the car. His parents told him if he is unable to sell it it will be headed to the scrap yard after he leaves. I refuse to see that happen!So come Friday I will be the new owner of a beautiful, classic Benz.

Here's just some basic details:

- 210, 000 miles
- 99% original (numbers matching)
- Inspected through 06/2013
- New tires, battery, solenoid, and headlights
- Interior 8/10 : small crack in dash & no carpet
- Exterior 9/10 : 3 small spots of rust (surface)

- Has trouble starting in cold weather. There doesn't seem to be a block heater installed. If so, that may be the issue.

My build plan with this vehicle is clean and classy. I've owned two Hyundai coupes, an Acura RSX/DC5, and a 1985 Golf GT. All of which had various modifications to them from body kits to engine work. Currently, I own two mopeds: 1980 Sachs Sundancer and 1980 General 5 Star. This Benz will be the first car I have owned that I wont just play around with.

- Install carpet
- New dash
- Upgraded audio (simple)
- Install block heater
- Replace all broken trim

- Widened factory style steel wheels w/ factory mini moon hub caps (f8''/r9'')
- Factory-looking tire dimensions
- Slight static suspension drop (I want air sooo bad... but I'm keeping this simple.)
- High-flow exhaust
- LED interior lights

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2011-02-18 19:15:21 by wyattburp

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The tires were old, anyhoo, and then I destroyed the back one trying to mount a motor kit to it. Mission Gas Moped failed, having ground a hold the size of a quarter, so I copped the cheapest new tires possible. Metric size. Pain. I had to order red side wall dirt riding tires, because they were they only kind going cheap

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    I need a moped to get around with and to go fishing and do not have a lot of money so i need one real cheap or free

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    I was wondering if anybody knows where/ if you can get lambretta or Vespa with 50cc engines.
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    • Well lambretta and vespa are scooters
      you really need to look at early 1980's vespa mopeds, they are the ones that are miniatu …eved) the others use an engine based on the Honda C50 horizontal engine this is used in the SACHS MADASS and the AJS DADDW 50 as well as other small chopper based mopeds
      Even a trials bike is made using this engine