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Pacific Cycle Sued Over Schwinn Scooters

Schwinn scooter

A couple of months ago,we mentioned the new Schwinn Scooters just introduced. As a reader pointed out,the Schwinn name is owned by Pacific Cycle which put the Schwinn name on several Chinese scooters. Pacific Cycle is now being sued by CMSI of Seattle for some "interesting" business practices. 2StrokeBuzz has the story:

CMSI alleges that Pacific Cycle requested a meeting with CMSI in January 2004 regarding cooperation between the two companies. A meeting was held in February at which time CMSI revealed their exclusive contract with a undisclosed Chinese supplier,their business model,and their marketing plans to Pacific. According to the court papers,Pacific then notified CMSI they were pursuing a “different direction.” CMSI later discovered that Pacific had located CMSI’s Chinese manufacturer and persuaded them to violate their contract with CMSI,and instead manufacture the same scooters for Pacific,to be sold under the Schwinn name (while no longer selling them to CMSI).

Some of the tooling used to make the scooters was paid for by CMSI and even has the letters "CMSI" molded into the parts! CMSI sells scooters under the Twist N' Go (TNG ) name. I guess when you market products manufactured elsewhere there's always the possibility this sort of thing will happen,resulting in lots of legal bills while everyone fights it out.

Thanks to Tom for the tip!

TNG Scooters
The Kneeslider: Schwinn Motor Scooters

TNG scooter

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I used to have a 400-watt scooter

2008-04-15 14:48:52 by thensome

That could accelerate up any hill in Omaha,
and go 10 miles at 10 mph. It had solid wheels, which I liked, but no spring-
suspension, which eventually caused the motor-sproket to break off. I rode the side-walks, and they are not scooter-friendly.That scooter came from Sears,
at about $200, but they no longer sell that brand. Then I bought a scooter for 89 dollars, delivered, from an internet scooter store, !00 watts, 8 miles, 8 mph,
with large skateboard wheels. Sidewalks killed that, too. Then I bought a 300 watt
"Razor" from sears for about 200 bucks, and
that one works fine

I'm a walker

2008-03-05 17:23:29 by BigEnchiladas

I live close to downtown, so I can walk to work or wherever I need to go pretty much. I take the bus maybe once a week for something. I have a super cute vintage blue Schwinn, but it has 2 flat tires :( I need to get it ready for spring!
P.S. I think scooters are really cute and I wouldn't mind having one. I always drool when I walk by the Vespa shop!

You need to be more specific.However

2008-04-15 03:21:30 by thensome

This may help.
Google both "Electrical Scooters"
and "Electric Bikes". There are many different brands and models, and you need
to check em all. So, for instance, when
you arrive at SCHWINN, or another of the many, look for "swappable" battery-packs,
and if that is mentioned, check for the
particular model, and then you can order
that 24 or 36-volt pack, the charger, and the "charger-plug", OVER THE PHONE, to verify. If you are doing something with 12 volts, get an automotive "jump-starter"
or universal portable power-supply and
either put it in a carrier-basket or on a
pull-along "kiddie-trailer" and use heavy-guage wire

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    I need a moped to get around with and to go fishing and do not have a lot of money so i need one real cheap or free

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