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Today I received a letter about a ticket I got a month ago. After a cornhole tournament, Dave decided to ride on the back of my bike. He had gone to the tournament via train because he knew he would be drinking at the games and I followed a few hours later on my scooter. To ensure we wouldn't get caught, we removed the ‘P’ provisional plate because P licence holders are not allowed to have carry passengers. We drove steadily from Waverton over the Sydney Harbour Bridge back towards Elizabeth Bay where we live.
At North Sydney, a police car from Homebush (what was it doing in North Sydney?!) began to tail us. We drove at the speed limit being careful around the police car and surrounding cars. As soon as we pulled off to turn back into the city from the expressway, lights and horns began to sound and I swallowed hard.
I pulled over immediately and an old policeman appeared telling Dave to get off and walk around the corner. He asked me to drive around the corner off of the expressway. I stopped when I was just around the corner and he beeped hard at me to keep moving forward. I was so nervous. I thought you are supposed to do exactly what the law enforcer wanted you to do. He appeared again and asked if we had been drinking. I had a sip or two, but that was hours ago. I passed the Breathalyzer test. He then asked where my P plates were and if the bike was mine. He left us for a few minutes.
Every possible situation ran through our minds. We were sure to get a fine for breaking not 1 but 2 road laws, but this was our first offence. Would it be possible for us to get a warning? In the end, we had 2 fines for each of the violations; not displaying the P plate and carrying a passenger. The $600 fine hurt, but we learned our lesson and would be sure to never do it again.
Razor Razor Spark Replacement Cartridge, Black, 2 Pack
Sports (Razor)
  • Compatible with the Razor Spark scooter
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Today in scooterland....

2009-08-01 16:22:00 by aikixtal

Paid for the tire and parts for a top end job. No parts in stock, took 3 phone calls and a visit to the shop to get that info. Tire on TUesday, rings some time next week. Feh.
Plugged tire, seems to hold, but dont want gf on it.
Used Vino 125 on the shop lot for $1500. Want.
Watched a guy get turned down for credit on a $4K V-Star 250. He doesn't know how lucky he is. He was a tard to the credit ladies, was a jerk in general, talking 'bout how he's such a hardcore rider, real hardass for years. But he's buying himself a 250? Yes, if you are an asshole, the folks at the motorcycle shop laugh at you when you leave

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