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Which highways in Brisbane are Scooters or Mopeds allowed on?
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Posted on 20 October 2012. Tags: allowed, brisbane, can’t, centenary, chosen, december, driven, example, highway, info, ipswich, knows, main, mopeds, motorway, RIDE, roads, scooters, smaller, someone, sure, thanks, theyre, website, wondering

I know that theyre not allowed on the M1 but they are on some smaller highways. Im wondering for example, the Ipswich Motorway or Centenary Highway. Or even if someone knows which website I can find this info. Cant find it on main roads. Thanks.

Chosen Answer:

No sure if your allowed to ride on Highways, but I seen Mopeds being driven on both the Ipswich Motorway or Centenary Highway.
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on: 17th December 07

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Scooters or mopeds

2011-07-08 13:13:09 by BigOldCar

You don't need an endorsement to operate a moped. A moped has pedals and less than 50cc, and a top speed of under 35mph.
Scooters are larger and require a motorcycle endorsement. They have higher top speeds, but interestingly, smaller wheels. Also, no pedals.
Scooters and mopeds have no real "ropes" to show--they are small engines and automatic transmissions (or just one speed). Mopeds usually have two-stroke engines, which means you have to mix two-stroke oil into the fuel you feed it. But on the bright side, there's no oil to change out of the engine--really there's like no maintenance required

Live Wire: No license plates required for mopeds  — Fayetteville Observer
Note: This definition applies to many machines that are described by their manufacturers as scooters or mopeds. Whether the machine is a moped or a motorcycle, its operator must obey all traffic laws.

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