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M2 Exit Test for 125cc Motorcycles or 150cc Scooter in Ontario

scooter m2 exit Posted by: YouMotorcycle in Info & Solutions February 15,20131048 Views

In Ontario we have a three-class motorcycle licensing system. There is a beginner class (M1 – written test),an intermediate class (M2 – riding test),and finally your full M class license. Unfortunately,the vehicle-specific requirements,definition of vehicles,and options available get a little blurry in the bureaucracy,and many small displacement motorcycle and cruiser riders are left in the mess…

… but don’t worry,that’s what YouMotorcycle is here for.

  • Hi! I’m looking for advice on the exit to “M” for my motorcycle license.M2 exit scootersMy issue is that I have a 150cc scooter,and I’ve phoned the Ministry of Transportation,and they said I can’t do the test because I can’t ride on a 400 series highway with a scooter that can’t exceed more than 80-90km/hr. They recommended I borrow a motorbike to use instead. But I don’t feel comfortable driving a motorcycle. I did use a motorcycle for a course,but that was nearly 4 years ago,and I haven’t looked at one since.scooter m2 exitI was wondering if you had advice as to what to do about getting my full M,or even at this point an ML license. I’ve been considering just selling the thing because it’s been frustrating finding consistent information.
    Thanks in advance for your advice, Kelly

I replied that the Ministry may have this rule,but most motorcycle riding schools did not. The riding schools have many routes they’re allowed to take students on for the M2 exit test,some are made specifically for vehicles which are not limited in speed and can exceed 80 km/hr.,regardless of engine displacement.

I recommended contacting the riding schools and asked Kelly if any progress was made. 5 days after the first email I received this message:

  • Hey!I haven’t made any progress. In fact,it’s one frustrating

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I Found scooter test..tougher..

2005-09-24 02:05:06 by smart_alexx

She might go out to DMV and maybe see one taking the cone test...
suggest she find someone with scooter .. ask questions... practive..maybe GG PARK.. quiet area..
i didnt take test for two mos..
and the streets are DANGEROUS.. it takes time to really get the hang of it..
i suggest a 125..yamaha..or 250 honda.. i own both...find the HONDA much heavier..but better ride for me..
not sure she could handle the weight..
DON'T buy the 50 cc....
check craigs maybe for one..
practice...practice... she will need it..and test questions

Lol being an EX scooter guy...caution..

2011-06-04 13:01:01 by pete_surely06

A piece of lumber on road...brick..
yikes..and i see these crazies on FREEWAY
i rarely got on freeway..avoided it
used mainly for chores..shopping..
now have a few cars...old..but nice.
enjoy the cars again..wagon ..small escort
and SUZI does too.. she has her favorite cushion..
i had YAMAHA 125.....OK....200...better
and 250 HONDA...best
bigger the motor..the better...
for a scooter
60cc lol lol
do ya have training wheels?
and SCOOTER TEST..AT DMV.......was harder
than the auto test
need lic.. here..
driving test..too

Live Wire: No license plates required for mopeds  — Fayetteville Observer
Note: This definition applies to many machines that are described by their manufacturers as scooters or mopeds. Whether the machine is a moped or a motorcycle, its operator must obey all traffic laws.

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