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Hollywood Holt and Million $ Mano in SF / Moped News:: Everything Moped

nigell1 Posted on April 9,2009 by Patrick There have been 0 comments

Very,very stoked to hang out and watch my good friends Hollywood Holt (Nigel) and Million $ Mano (Mano) perform at the Rickshaw Stop on April 23rd!!

Wayyyyyy back when Peddy Ca$h was just getting on smash mode I met Nigel in Chicago.I'll never forget rolling up on my Magnum to Clothing Optional for a party and witnessing the boombastic spirit of the kid standing on the curb. He spoke of seeing a moped on TV and that he was super serious about getting involved and making mopeds cool.Murder Club circa 2003 Lemme tell you what,he was serious!

Ever since Nigel has been one of my closest friends and partners in this moped thing. Soon after introduced to Nigel's cousin Mano,the international connoisseur's connoisseur.We all spent a summer riding mopeds till 4am and hitting up every party and event the CHI had to offer....out of which Murder Club was born.

Hollywood Holt and Million $ Mano have continued forward in all ways and continue gaining accomplishments in many forms of entertainment worldwide,congrats homies.

I'm happy to call them my friends and cannot wait till the 23rd!!!

Come out to the show!!!

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Thanks for the help. here's alittle more info.

2011-07-25 18:01:10 by ProphetRasputin

I know enough to know i have a full gas tank. I check the fuel filters and lines. They are clean, working, and attached (no kinks or loose hoses) It is Chinese though, lol. Their take on a Honda. i can't take it back to the dealer, because i got it two states away. The air filter is clean. My roommate and I are going out right now to clean the carborator (by running rubbing alcohol through it). I have a idle screw, and it sounds to idle best at just under 2000 rpms which is a just shy of starting the rear tire to rotate (when on the center stand).
my exact scooter is a RK 150cc Scooter Type 75 (2009, but recieved it 4 months ago from manufactuer

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  • Avatar Does a moped start without spark plug?
    Apr 06, 2011 by | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    I have a sym dd50 moped 2003. it dosent have a spark plug thus it wont start i want to know if the reason for it not starting is the spark plug? it does not turn on at all.. i put the key in and turn it yet nothing happens. no light or anything is it the spark plug or could it be something else?

    also where is the battery located in my sym dd50 moped?

    • Yes you need the spark plug to start the moped. (it ignites the gas to make the moped run)

      Battery is probably under seat.

      The no lights are probably either no battery or it's not connected.

      Lights should work without battery.

  • Avatar StoneWallKid How much mileage is too much to buy on a moped?
    Jul 17, 2009 by StoneWallKid | Posted in Buying & Selling

    I'm looking at buying an SYM dd50 from a rental company.. They have bikes ranging from 1,000 to 11,000 miles.. I was wondering When mopeds usually start having their problems? How many is too many? etc

    • Don't get one over 70000 i mean dam