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Saddle Bags & The moped culture of Lafayette
I met up with a few local riders this Thursday night.We were supposed to go for a moped ride,but as many moped rides turn out,it became a fit it party instead.In the light of an apartment parking lot,we watched as two guys tried to repair a tomos that had been converted from pedal start to kick start."Think this washer is important?" "Nah,but we probably should put in a gasket." The evening ended with the starting of the moped and a cacophony of destruction from the bottom end."Do you think that washer was important?"So no real riding to be had,although my Derbi preformed admirably on the way there and back.I do love the knobby tires,which you can just see peeking in the bottom right of the picture. More successful rides will occur I believe at a later point in the year.The overwhelmingly Tomos supply of mopeds from a mysterious character shall soon be rectified with Responsible Jon's DeLuxe Moped sales now a legitimate garage business of Lafayette Indiana.

In other news,I began to prepare for my road trip in a few weeks to Nashville,and thought I should get around to making some saddle bags for the Derbi.I got some remnant marine grade vinyl at the fabric store for 50% off,made some quick measurements,cuts and ran it all through my sewing machine.It turned out pretty good.The next one will be better,as I'll remember to hem the edges before it all goes together,making it eaiser,but it is going to work pretty well.I still need to make the frame for the inside to stiffen it up,but I think that shouldn't be too hard either.I also made square corners on this one,I think the next one will have rounded corners,it might help ease things up a bit. Over all,pretty pleased.Nicely fitting moped saddle bags are something that are hard to come by and I think under appreciated.Perhaps I'll make a few and try to sell them.I imagine if they came ready to drop in and go,they would sell pretty easily.

I made an order with 1977 Mopeds 2 days ago and it arrived today.Living in the midwest is much better for receiving packages quickly!I got the caliper and master cylinder disc brake set up to put on my race bike,as rumor has it a new Thunderdrome series is going to start up in April and I want to be ready to race.The caliper looks very heavy duty,and even has the sweet little "abs" module that helps keep from locking the disc. I strongly recommend this unit for your disc conversions!Pair it with those sweet hydraulic forks or the incredibly cheap and awesome general forks if your are real cheap,toss on a CR80 17" disc brake wheel easily had from ebay for cheap,and your moped is another league of comfort and safety.

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New to 2-wheel female looking for a scooter

2012-04-09 15:26:28 by tisteeni

I live in Denver and very rarely get on the freeway - my car is a POS and I am not prepared to invest anymore money in it at this point and not yet ready to finance a new one. I have been looking at scooters, because I would easily be able to commute to work, gym, friends etc via neighborhood streets and Denver seems to be a pretty scooter-friendly city (in comparison to San Diego where I just moved from - I did not see nearly as many scooters cruising the streets).
I know VERY little about scooters in general, so I thought I'd come on here for some advice. I apologize - I know this is the motorcycle section, but I figured you guys would know more than the regular auto forum

He wants what he paid for it, Just buy a new one

2008-09-03 20:44:53 by blagh

All Chinese motorcycles and scooters are built with parts made in a couple of factories. All these parts are made using tooling purchased from Japanese and other major motorcycle manufacturers after that model of motorcycle or scooter has been out of production for at least 10 years. If a Chinese motorcycle or scooter looks like another brand of Chinese motorcycle or scooter it indeed is built from the same parts. If the motorcycle or scooter looks like a name brand vintage motorcycle or scooter it is being reproduced using vintage tooling. It's also the reason you can easily purchase parts for popular vintage motorcycles and scooters

Scooters make good commuting bikes

2012-05-31 03:05:33 by rotagilla

For someone who wants to just be able to grab some stuff and head out. No concerns about shifting, quite a bit of storage for light shopping, etc.
Smaller wheels on scooters will mean you will feel the bumps and pot holes more.
Don't buy anything that is from China. If you're buying new and it's a 250, then it's likely a Chinese built machine and people have a lot of problems with them falling apart due to poor workmanship and cheap materials.
You will still need a MC license for a 250 and I, as well as most (everyone?) here highly recommend taking a MSF riding class.
Good luck.

Live Wire: No license plates required for mopeds  — Fayetteville Observer
Note: This definition applies to many machines that are described by their manufacturers as scooters or mopeds. Whether the machine is a moped or a motorcycle, its operator must obey all traffic laws.

Kwik Tek Kwik Tek Scooter Logic Saddlebag, Black
Sports (Kwik Tek)
  • Adjustable to Fit Most Scooters. Color: Black
  • Great for Personal Gear or Cold Beverages
  • 3 Large Zippered Comparents
  • Watertight Comparents Hold up to 24 - 12 oz. Cans plus Ice
  • Durable 600-denier Water-Resistant Polyester Construction

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  • Avatar littlelo_63 Is there a weight restriction for riding on a moped?
    Jul 24, 2006 by littlelo_63 | Posted in Safety
    • Every vehicle has maximum carrying capacity. For mopeds, it's generally around 200 pounds. Check the owner's manual.