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Moped Vespa Style

New Sicilian 150 Scooter Moped (Vespa Style)
150cc Classic Vespa Style Moped Scooter

Retail: $1, 999.00OUR PRICE US $999.00

Age Recommendations: 15 +

We call this scooter the Vespa killer! Why pay over $3, 500 for a entry level Vespa when you can have this scooter for a cool grand? This scooter is simply the best scooter that we have ever sold. As far as styling goes, this scooter is top of the line. It has all the looks of the Vespa or Piaggio models. This 150cc model is air cooled and belt driven. As you can see in our photo galleries, these scooters have enough torque for our techs to ride wheelies on them. They are very quick and responsive which makes them incredibly fun to ride. At 70+ MPG they are also very economical as well. It has a large storage area under the seat that is more than large enought hold books, a purse or groceries.


You will simply love riding this scooter. Bottom line.

Power Gear Motorsports Motorcycle Scooter Mopeds Vespa Pilot Style Goggles , Tinted Lens
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Power Gear Motorsports)
  • Foldable design, carry more convenient, more durable
  • faux leather padded mask section
  • Elastic strap fits both adult or youth

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Researching if people buy/share items together.

2012-10-08 13:15:14 by MadisonGuy12

Hey everybody!
I'm studying consumer habits, and am looking at if people are willing to buy, and share, an item together. For example, two people may buy a moped, split the cost, and share it year round. This is a great way to save some money. For my research I want to get my hands dirty by helping people with this process.
I will help you find somebody to buy, and subsequently share, any item with you. (think textbooks, bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, etc). If you already have somebody in mind to split this item with, then great! I'll then write the fractional ownership contract ensuring that nobody gets screwed over when sharing the item

Live Wire: No license plates required for mopeds  — Fayetteville Observer
Note: This definition applies to many machines that are described by their manufacturers as scooters or mopeds. Whether the machine is a moped or a motorcycle, its operator must obey all traffic laws.

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  • Avatar JB What is a maintenance friendly, good scooter / moped at or above 125 cc?
    Apr 14, 2010 by JB | Posted in Motorcycles

    I'm looking for a nice scooter that is at or above 125 cc, but I also want one that if it has problems won't be a big hassle to get fixed. Any suggestions?

    PS- I like the Vespa style, but I don't really have the budget for it. So... price is a bit of an issue.

    • Honda big Ruckus 125cc- easy to work on with open body, good engine/drive train. Budget concerns? Kymco has 125 and 150 scooters a bit cheaper- good reputation. price is a bit of an issue-- means used scooter to consider- …ally be reasonable- check around college campus scooter shops. Suzuki Burgman- some of acquaintances have 400 and 650 models- good highway tourers but the price is higher than I think should be- but I'm a cheap scrounger.