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Moped VS Scooter

Difference Between Moped and Scooter | Difference Between

Difference Between Moped and Scooter

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Moped vs Scooter

There is a bit of confusion when it comes to mopeds and scooters; partly due to the fact that many people use the terms pretty loosely and, quite often, interchangeably. Actually, there are major differences between a moped and a scooter that can affect your usage; the biggest one is displacement. Mopeds were created to provide a very economical mode of transportation. Thus, they have very small engines, typically below 100cc. Although scooters with engines around 100cc are also very common in many parts of the world, you can also get scooters that have much bigger engines; going up to 800cc or more. This directly translates to more power to accelerate, haul more items on steep inclines, and sustain much higher speeds.

Probably the most noticeable difference between a moped and a scooter is the footboard, also commonly referred to as a floorboard in the latter. This is very convenient for ladies as it allows them to wear skirts and still be able to drive. Mopeds have an underbone which is basically a large-diameter, metal tube that connects at the neck of the moped and slopes down to the engine. This forces the driver to spread his or her legs apart.

Another noticeable difference is the inclusion of pedals although some mopeds do not have them. The pedals reveal how mopeds came about as they were initially bicycles that were fitted with small engines. The pedals are often used to start the engine, but in some models they can also be used to propel the vehicle forward in case it runs out of gas. Scooters do not have such pedals and rely fully on their gasoline engine.

A major limitation of mopeds is that they are not allowed on major roads in many countries. Because of their small displacement engines and very low top speed, they can pose a risk to the driver and to other motorists in areas where other vehicles move at high speeds. Scooters, especially maxi-scoots, can easily traverse even highways. On the other hand, regulations on the operation of mopeds are more relaxed, and the minimum age is often lower compared to scooters.


1.Mopeds have lower displacement engines than scooters.
2.Scooters have a floorboard while mopeds don’t.
3.Mopeds can have pedals while scooters don’t.
4.Mopeds are not allowed on major roads but scooters are.

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Scooter (motorcycle) vs scooter (moped)

2010-06-18 11:18:01 by GenElec

I don't know about NYC, but here in Minnesota scooters registered as "mopeds" (less than 50cc, restricted to 30 mph, with or without pedals, etc) are considered "motorized bicycles" and can be parked where bicycles are parked, on sidewalks, bike racks etc. Scooters more than 50cc are considered motorcycles and require a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license.
Motorcycles and the bigger scooters can't be parked just anywhere, though I've often seen the 125-150cc scooters parked with the mopeds. They look the same. Still, I've seen the University police tagging scooters other than mopeds

Scooter vs. Motorcycle Legalities, WA?

2005-08-06 02:06:45 by BarbarianHordeOf1

I've been considering buying a scooter, so have been visiting the local shops in Seattle. I was consistently being told a couple things that I am beginning to doubt are legally true.
First, a sub-50cc scooter does not require a motorcycle endorsement.
Second, one needs a 150 cc machine to legally take it on the Freeway.
Unless my reading of the RCW (Revised Code of Washington) is really off, or I'm missing key passages somewhere, I disagree with both
of these "everybody knows" "facts."
Summary of RCWs:
Motorcycles are 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles excluding mopeds

Live Wire: No license plates required for mopeds  — Fayetteville Observer
Note: This definition applies to many machines that are described by their manufacturers as scooters or mopeds. Whether the machine is a moped or a motorcycle, its operator must obey all traffic laws.

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